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Why hair falls out and how to avoid it

Почему выпадают волосы и как этого избежатьThe process of hair loss is completely natural for any man especially with age.

Excessive hair loss is a headache for many women and girls. A problem that worries many may have an unexpected cause.

Normal person should lose up to 100 hairs a day. The intensity of rainfall can be associated with pregnancy or aging. But there are other reasons.

Excessive love of hair
Braids, bumps, and different weaving is very beautiful, but not every day. Hairstyles greatly hurt the hair, because tugs at the roots of the hair and they lose their power.

Stress is the real enemy of the whole body, including hair. After a quarrel with relatives or because of nervous tension at work can experience hair loss just crazy.

To overcome stress you can do yoga, meditation and try to perceive all close to heart.

Lots of sweet
Large amounts of sugar in the diet raises insulin levels in the blood. And it weakens the hair roots and stimulates hair loss.

A strict diet
Hair and the female body in General does not like strict and low-calorie diets. When quick weight loss pounds can very quickly go back and treat the hair longer.

Don’t be afraid to take the right fats. It’s avocado, a variety of seed, unrefined olive oil and oily fish. Try not to limit myself in nutrition, just choose healthy and quality products.

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