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Why do young people protest against pension reform

Почему молодежь протестует против пенсионной реформы

The planned increase in the retirement age in Russia led to mass protests. Three years, “gifted” women calmed deputies, but not 24-year-old journalist Maria Koltsov.

“What, all?”. The phrase used to say the elders coming to meetings “students Bulk”, has now become some kind of uncomfortable and indecent. Before students went outside for an abstract and not understandable to all things – some kind of Telegram, some freedom of speech and even some there is an election in which nobody believed.

For the right to live in dignity

Now, when the students came for the earth, very specific and clear pension, it became clear that not that the students and fools. Especially if they do not go for their catici in “Telegram”, and for the right to live with dignity, even if you’re over 50. And it’s not so much about money, but about respect for people, which the Russian government does not.

I want to not have to go to another country in order to feel human. Especially if you go there do not want or is not possible, and to feel like a man in Russia is more complicated. Therefore, youth protests do not only because their grandparents for another three years will not pay 10 thousand rubles for buckwheat, because it is impossible to live in a swamp of total frustration.

Not that someone didn’t know that the government do not care about people, but Russia will never cease to amaze. It would seem that much worse. But if in the big cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is still some illusion of life and the future, beyond Mcadow and Kadow immersed in the endless theater of the absurd where even the intermission no.

Women approaching retirement age (ladies, aunties, lady for them and some words are not appropriate in the Russian language, as if they themselves are not), without exaggeration cried for a few days after the news about the reform: “Putin came to retire, and for us that for what?” And they say that “he promised” and that, “it is good that I voted for Sobchak”. What Sobchak supported the pension reform, they seem to not yet know.

Abroad will fall down all

Of course, you can close your eyes to aunts, parents in the province, and grandparents, who are already receiving pension in three pennies, buying groceries at a discount in a “roundabout”, go sobyaninskoy tile, pictures for a post in the “Instagram” pink Japanese cherry blossom and fireworks. But at all desire to live with your eyes closed even in a “prettier Moscow” is becoming more difficult. It is very hard not to notice what a beautiful picture of a great country blurry eyes.

Early fans of giving away free advice said, “don’t like it, sod off!”. But all is not ejected. And certainly not to fall the first victims of the pension reform – those tearful aunt of 55 years. Even if all the young people, armed with books in English, concerted series will go to the borders behind them will remain innumerable small city with hordes of unemployed, Queuing in the “fives”, which closed in the 1990s, mines and factories. The city’s elderly, the unemployed 50-year-old and 30-40-year-old, endlessly commute to work in Moscow nurses or to the North guards, and those too late to leave, and who for various reasons couldn’t do it.

Youth is not a border, and under the batons of Regardie

This dreary picture is good only in the nostalgic pages “In contact” as an artistic image or a recollection of youth. And when you are first immersed in economic stagnation, then tell us on TV how great it is to destroy the products, forced to fear the repost, but in the end comes to retirees, then all you can do is to go to the rally and again to say that everyone, regardless of age, has the right to live with dignity.

Therefore, the youth is sent not to save the border, and under the batons of Regardie, in paddy wagons and jail. And will go there again, because we are talking not about isolated laws and restrictions, and the right to live in a country where all, regardless of age, were treated as people worthy of respect, and not as lines in the budget, which if necessary can be easily reduced.

Author: Russian journalist Maria Koltsova

This comment expresses the personal opinion of the author. It may not coincide with the opinion of the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle and as a whole.

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