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Why do people in the USSR believed Kashpirovsky

Почему люди в СССР верили Кашпировскому

Exactly 30 years ago, on 9 October 1989 in the USSR was the first Telesens Kashpirovsky, which was very unusual and significant phenomenon on Soviet television , and made history with the famous phrase Kashpirovsky “I give the installation”. The program was really very unusual — informed on Soviet TV, nothing like this was shown or discussed, and partly for this reason a lot of people strongly interested in Kashpirovsky and started to watch and its further sessions.

Interestingly, many people with whom I spoke on the topic of the sessions Kashpirovsky, there is something about memories — it seems that the sessions Kashpirovsky was on TV almost years, although the TV showed exactly five sessions, and everything else was just a gear on it and any background media hype. I think it comes from the fact that Kashpirovsky very quickly became famous and went with the “offline tour” around the country.

I am personally in this whole story with Kashpirovsky most interested in two things that I think are most key to understanding the phenomenon of who and why allowed the screening of the sessions Kashpirovsky on Soviet television, and why people react strongly to his sessions and believed every word from the TV.

So in today’s post — the story of the sessions Kashpirovsky in the USSR. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

How did the sessions. Good and bad telecommuni.

Почему люди в СССР верили Кашпировскому

The first session Kashpirovsky was shown on 9 October 1989. The session was shown in Prime time, when Soviet television normally broadcast any party conventions and “International panorama” with stories about what the Decadent West people are already eating the last of <s>x</s> boot without salt. Suddenly, the TV showed Kashpirovsky, who “gave the installation” on peace and the solution to all problems, which should disappear as if by themselves — one has only to watch his session.

Who and why let such a strange and unusual transfer, the effect of which was unpredictable? It is understood that despite the free time of perestroika, any broadcast on Soviet television (the only source of information for 90% of the population) held the highest agreement with the party. Personally, I think that “television healers” launched on the screen in order to distract people from pressing problems, like empty shops and the total collapse of Soviet economy and politics — what sebutinde slip during one of their sessions Kashpirovsky himself, saying something like “many people say that it all started in order to distract people from the problems of Karabakh and so on — so it is not so”.

Personally, I think that it was precisely to distract people from the problems of the KGB-schnick and was launched telehypnosis, and this was done for purely gebistskaya the tactic of “good COP, bad COP” — for the role of “good” telecommun answered Alan Chumak, sarajevski jars with water “energy”, and for the role of “evil” Deepak answered morosely staring from the screen Aki ball Sweaborg and distributing short orders to the audience. People have created the illusion of choice — who didn’t want to look “evil” Kashpirovsky became a fan of Chumak, who did not believe in “pious charlatan Chumak” watched Kashpirovsky and said: “just something to eat!”. In General, the whole country glued to the screens, and the problem of empty shelves, the consequences of Afghanistan and escalating the war in Nagorno-Karabakh seems to be moved to another plan.

The best in the world of Soviet education.

Почему люди в СССР верили Кашпировскому

And now the most interesting. Well, here are two “telecommuni”, good and evil, but why people believed them, why did you start to believe the suggestion Kashpirovsky and began to put in front of televisions cans of water during sessions, unless believing that the water will pass some kind of healing energy, then the water will become charged?

For me personally, the answer to this question is obvious — all 70 years of its existence the Soviet power taught people not to think but to blindly follow orders. Those who thought otherwise, those who didn’t were tortured in jails and killed in the concentration camps of the Gulag. Were those who obeyed and believed everything that was coming down from “above”. It sounds strange, but in fact most Soviet citizens lacked critical thinking, and this was true of even supposedly educated people — some physicist, chemist or technologist well versed in his profession, but he had only to step a step aside — as he started to “float” and could make a completely ridiculous and irrational judgments.

And it perfectly shows how bad and poor it was the Soviet education was not taught to think freely, but only instilled instrumental skills. As soon as man is faced with the fact that go beyond its narrow competence — then immediately lost, and felt for the correct action to obey “higher authority” as taught to Soviet party doctrine — and that is why the Soviet “telecommuni” had such a tremendous impact. Not to obey “authority” can’t, die, trample — it was embedded in the subcortex of consciousness of the Soviet man.

Will not be superfluous to remind about another case. Around the same time as the sessions Kashpirovsky, on TV came the famous transfer of Sergey Kuryokhin called “Lenin — mushroom”, where Sergei is absolutely a serious look (as they say — “serious shmah”) argued that Lenin really was not a man, but a fungus and at the same time also with radio waves. This absolute nonsense was said peremptory tone and citing non-existent “research”, why a considerable number of TV viewers 100% believe in this nonsense — “on TV can not lie!”. It is easy to see that the transfer of contemporary arts and telehypnosis — it’s all the same order of things that he could swallow only people with completely absent of critical thinking.

Bitten by propaganda. Instead of an epilogue.

Почему люди в СССР верили Кашпировскому

At the end of the post I want to say about one important thing and about how connected Chumak and Kashpirovsky with us today. The USSR has not existed for 28 years but the principles of Soviet television quietly returned to the screens again — the people show only one point of view, do not give any alternative sources of information and actually “hypnotize” by the right authorities with an perception of events. In this sense, telehypnosis alive today — they just expanded to the whole television…

Such cases.

Do you remember the sessions Kashpirovsky? Watched them?

Write in the comments interesting.

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