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Why China can control over the Internet, and in Russia — no

Почему в Китае возможен контроль над интернетом, а в России — нет

Why China’s great firewall has proven to be so successful? (By the standards of authoritarian regimes, of course).

Not because there’s some unique the filtration system. Anyone who has been in China knows that most commercial VPN services can easily cope with the bypass Chinese blocking, and there is no problem to use there are Google and Facebook.

And not even because there is a huge, half a million army of censors, which carefully observes the Chinese Internet for mentions of barrels of honey (Chairman of the si terribly offended by the comparisons with Winnie-the-Pooh) and other seditious merzopakosti.

But primarily because in China has formed a huge and complete ecosystem of national services which cover the needs of 95% of users. Messengers, search engines, social networks, payment systems and streaming services — all Chinese, understood by local user works fine. In particular age, a new user first hits the Internet, and there’ll be WeChat and Alibaba; he just does not even come to mind that something may need Facebook and Amazon.

That’s what, primarily, held a unique Chinese model of state control over the Internet and not on technical solutions.

So I agree: the war of the Rambler with the entire civilized world, as the announcement of the next “YouTube killer” from little friends Center e of the “Macrogroup”, should be considered in this context. In the same context — in the framework of the challenge of the highest national importance, the creation of a controlled and censored Runet political cycle 2021-24 years.

Will be cut a national ecosystem services simultaneously enclosing of the world: Twitch banned; I’ll see how it goes; will release ТоварищМайорTube and try to ban YouTube — this is the plan.

Of course, nothing will come of it (remember the fate RuTube, TamTam, Futubra and other “Satellites”), but drank considerably.

In order to understand it we must remember the basic rule: any action on the Internet in the next two years will be done only to
a) to scare everybody
b) to introduce technical limitations
V) to steal money
in those or other combinations.
In this case we are talking about a combination of priorities b) and C).

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