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Why cats think homemade doctors

Почему кошек считают домашними докторамиThis family doctor is able to prevent a heart attack and inflammation

Warm in the cold
Often suffer from the cold? Get a cat of breed the Sphinx. This hairless cat warms its wearer in any weather, because this mustached warmers extremely high body temperature of 42 degrees,
And since sphinxes are completely devoid of hair, they can be considered as ideal Pets for Allergy sufferers.

Save from heart attack
Especially useful for cats cores male. Scientists from the U.S. claim that the contents of the house cat can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks men by 20%. The study covered 10 000 people aged 40 to 80 years. 70% of men lived to 85 years of age, kept cats. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to biologists, this is due to the positive emotions that arise in a lengthy communication to a furry friend. But women cats are not as much affected. Experts believe that the fact that ladies often give rise to negative emotions and therefore less in need of baleen therapists. However, women themselves with this assertion. According to statistics, 53% of women prefer cats to other Pets. Among men, the cat owner is less – only 40%.

Protect against allergies
House cat protects baby from allergies in the future.

It’s all about the habit. When the baby grows in hothouse conditions, it does not occur to the allergen and his immune system is not a kind of exercise. However, we are talking about cases where a pet is in the house from the first days of baby’s life. If the beast will appear later, the allergies may arise.

Strengthen bones
Perhaps the cat’s purring helps prevent osteoporosis. According to experts, the frequency and vibration of the cat’s rumbling favorably affects bone health. Scientists from the US conducted an experiment with chickens. Birds daily for 20 minutes was placed on a vibrating stand, which recreated a purring cat. Chickens, which are exposed to sound grew quicker and were characterized by a greater bone strength compared to the control group. Scientists suggest that in the same way the sound of a cat purring can act on people.

Extend the life of
Scientists from Germany examined the health of more than 3,000 seniors. The subjects were those who kept cats and those without Pets. It turned out that the cat people live on average 10.3 years longer than those who have no cats.

Treat inflammation
Perhaps you had occasion to see the cat that sits down on the sore spot. Thus she acts not only as a living hot water bottle, but as little electromagnetic emitter. All in cosecha of wool, which carries the charge current of low frequency. Namely, this current is used in physiotherapy in the treatment of various inflammatory processes.

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