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Why Bonia gives rogue?

Зачем Боня дает нищебродам?

“We first minimum wage raise, handing out money to all kinds of alcoholics and rogue, and then cry, why do we still sucks. It would be better businessmen helped,” said TV presenter Victoria Bonya, talking about the amendments to the Constitution. It is obvious that on the background of Tarzan and Joseph Prigogine former participant “Houses-2” deprived of attention.

A famous wrestler from towers 5G, chips and bloodsuckers from different elite strata of America and Europe Victoria Bonia in all possible ways “pulls the blanket” hype. People stopped to bomb her opinions about chipping and impact of 5G-towers, but was bombing Bonnie.

Her “philosophical” thoughts on amendments resulted in verbal incontinence, which she “poured” on the poor subscribers. Moreover, they regularly monitor its life in Monaco, complaining about life in France and other “commonplace”, so the vast majority falls under the category of “rogue and the unemployed” according to the star.

Victoria Bonia not skimp on the statements and it gives a completely unrestrained phrase: “I work, I earn money by honest labor, pay taxes, and they will go somewhere to Ust-Harwick to increase salaries.” Stupid star does not want to recognize that their wealth and luxurious life, she should thank its subscribers.

In his statements and thoughts Bonia fickle. It calls for stop to produce loafers and freeloaders, that offers to sign up for an account and 31 to 600 thousand rubles (earned most of these “newertech”).

Зачем Боня дает нищебродам?


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