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Why are the Russians angry state against Kovalam

Почему россиян злит государственная борьба с ковидом

The power of the crowd seem to be aggressive, irresponsible and ignorant people who hide each other.

Little where anti-epidemic measures are clearly, beautifully, and the applause of the audience. COVID-19 is the hardships and sacrifices. And hardly anyone in Russia for actions that the state machine will be elegant and carefully thought out. But few people foresaw this chaos.

Some were driven to absurdly rigid quarantines, other simply substituted by the infection. E-skip, from Primorye to Moscow, wrapped in confusion, but are commonly implemented in the future — regardless of whether they slow down or speed up an epidemic. And the leader again avoids direct appeals to the people. They don’t go to his usual TV formats is being like “a Straight line”. And this Wednesday at the meeting with the government it cost no even more false cues to the citizens, although such treatment has been announced.

Authority proclaim all the new benefits are assigned not only rich, but also ordinary people. Try, however, to use them.

Here you are, for example, was left without a job and want to receive benefits, increased right up to the living wage and promised to issue literally on the first request. You will immediately be wary of the words of the labour Minister Anton Kotakova that “now in the Russian Federation was 735 thousand unemployed, and their number increased by 44 thousand people”. Oh really? By any sensible reckoning the more of them in the millions.

But you win the doubt and go to the newly created introducci portal “Work in Russia” that without any formalities, as promised, to apply for benefits. And immediately find out what your resume will still be forwarded to the local employment center, which “will clarify the information about the previous place of work, as well as the accuracy of the data in the statement” — and engages you in a discussion that will end is unknown. According to Kotyakova, a new way yet served 180 thousand petitions. But how many of them succeed, he said.

This is just one example of many. State aid no then and for those, when and to whom it urgently needs.

But let’s say you are unemployed, work for the remote and just want to understand what is happening and what to expect. And follow the truth on the “official online resource to inform the public about coronavirus”. There, in addition to viewing the tables with the number of infected and dead, you get the opportunity to listen to agitators, who will explain what we have better than them; that Russia pay more to doctors than in the West; that the Russian tests are the most reliable in the world (98% hits); that in any case it is impossible to read and listen to all kinds of slanderers of pentelow. How’s it possible? Here you have a great choice.

Here Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor and chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the successor to the legendary Onishchenko. A week ago, she said: “the results of testing for antibodies it was found that the immunity to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has 3% of the Russians.” But it turned out that antibodies are tested only a group of the conductors of the train “Sapsan”.

Being a stupid man, you can guess what these Amateur surveys absolutely unsuitable to draw conclusions on the immunity of 150 million Russians. Of course, today it is not the most relevant issue. But Anna Popova — one of the main newsmakers and an indispensable participant in coronavirus meetings with the leader. You will then be able to relate to countless numbers which it pours?

However, there are other state newsmakers, is no less talkative. For example, Veronika Skvortsova, head of the recently one of the countless of our Supervisory services. I think it tells the story of a failure “optimization” of medicine, which was implemented when he was Minister of health? No, of course. Skvortsova is still on the screen and touts of all kinds, as if from nowhere grafted, miracle drugs and devices.

For example, supposedly launching in mass production of magic, a ventilator, which can connect from four patients. This was announced about three weeks ago. After the collective protests of anaesthesiologists and reanimatologists, claiming that it is possible to kill most of the patients, the noise of miracle invention as turned off. But back on their promises Skvortsova does not have. Maybe they secretly do?

However, most of you probably are interested in epidemic predictions. By the way, Vladimir Putin. “We need an objective Outlook. And not only medium-term or long-term, but periods next three, seven and ten days. I ask the government to conduct and continuously update a forecast,” he said on Monday. Does the President still did not even have predictions? Where is the brilliant constellation of scientists who the President brought to himself and more than well contained?

Scientists are not silent. Here the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, referring to Putin’s reform of the Academy of Sciences, said that the RAS is no more “direct institutional resource to deal with these works.” He’s telling the truth, but ordinary Russians from it it is not easier.

But Dr. Leonid Roshal, a favorite of the leader, refuses to convey to people something specific. “In terms of Outlook — I’m not a fortune teller and I’m not a specialist of infectious diseases,” began the doctor. We are also not fortune tellers, and not infectious disease and expect that this speech will end. But Roshal as if nothing had happened continues: “I see the figures that are there. I think that we are approaching peak”. Said yesterday. Here is the consolation, which lacked Putin, you think.

However, yesterday, another medic, Nikolay Malyshev, though not a fortune teller, but the profession of infectious disease, predicted another. That “peak will be somewhere in June—July.” Recalling, however, not so much for himself, as a sort of “most experts”, which, unfortunately, was not called.

Since these are two distinct “peak” of foresight, and many other belonging to the Deputy Prime Ministers or important people, disseminated through the public media and presented to people as a formal assessment, you already feel completely baffled.

It turns out that the regime did not have in stock not only anti-epidemic strategy. He didn’t even choose any short-term precognition, which would proceed. The government is only looking back, who else would she anything suggested. And the prompter shortage no. Irresponsible careerists, obsequious court experts and just talkers fill up her advice, hoping if anything to hide the friend for the friend. Something recommend and professionals, but they are certainly not in the majority.

Missing an opportunity to remain silent even whole departments. Here MOE advises citizens not to wear on the streets of a protective mask. Perhaps it is born in the intra-Agency scientific research and communicated from the heart. But I felt an impression that the secret service just doesn’t want people to hide the face.

All of the overbearing vanity, all multilane mixed with aggression against its own citizens, with stringing absurdities and discordant noise, inevitably responds with growing irritation with the citizens. They feel stupid overbearing objects of experiments. It’s starting to show already in the polls.

Weekly measurements Thomas the effect of “rallying around the flag”, observed everywhere, in difficult times, was registered after Putin’s first address to the nation on 25 March. Prior to this, due to the long silence of his presidential indexes declined markedly. But the fact of the speech (which was approved by 72% of respondents vs. 11%) markedly raised them. Following treatment, 2 APR, rating growth almost does not responded. Although it is also met positively (62% vs 19%), modest but critical were the levels of approval of the message-2 among young people, especially educated; among those who did not, or lost income or Vice versa before the crisis was wealthy; among residents of non-capital cities.

It took a little more time — and stocks went down. Indicator approval of Putin is still 6 percentage points above the minimum to which it fell at the beginning of the twentieth of March. But as the head of the fight against the epidemic of people not taking the Prime Minister mishustina, the level of approval of activities which raised for three weeks by 15 percentage points. It’s pretty clear that he was trying to hope not because he is excited, but simply for lack of another.

Say, does not really matter whether people actions of the authorities. In such times, citizens do not ask. This is true. But only if the state machine is acting, and not all of your gears.

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