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Why amendments to the Constitution are either harmful or pointless

Почему поправки к Конституции либо вредны, либо бессмысленны

All the fuss around the “amendments to the Constitution” — just to push it a rule allowing for life Putin to be President (part 3.1. article 81): by the end of the second extra period in 2036 he will be 83 years old. It is nothing like the usurpation of power and the actual proclamation of his personal dictatorship. Regardless of the content of other amendments, this is sufficient reason to be against them — the more that vote for the proposed single package, but still for unknown procedure called “Russian vote”, appointed in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

But the other amendments are either harmful, or — at best — meaningless.

The amendments significantly expand the powers of the President by the Federal Assembly, the government and the judicial system. The President, as before, is not included in any of the branches of government. Read more new configuration of the authorities described in the “Statements” and “Medusa” (links in first two comments).

In the text of the Constitution introduces the concepts and institutions, the content of which is unclear, and the destination is unknown. What is the “constituent peoples” (part 1 of article 68)? What “traditional family values” (paragraph “b” of part 1 of article 114)? What is a “Federal territory” (part 1 of article 67)? What is a “public authority” (paragraph “g” of article 71) and “a unified system of public authority” (part 3 of article 132)? What specifically will deal with “State Council” (paragraph “E. 5” article 83)?

Amendments to the Constitution contrary to its other provisions. Part 2.1. article 67 recognizing unconstitutional “calls” to the exclusion areas, and part 3 of article 67.1, which prohibits “impairing the value of the feat of the people in the defense of the Fatherland”, contrary to article 29, which guarantees freedom of thought and expression. Part 2 of article 67.1, which is that “ancestors” gave us “ideals and faith in God”, contrary to part 1 of article 14 on the secular character of the state. The new wording of article 79 is contrary to part 4 of article 15, which establishes the priority of international agreements over national law. Part 1.1 of article 131 allows for the integration of IAS in the system of bodies of state power, in violation of article 12.

All “social” amendments simply meaningless. Their contents — from the protection of children without parental care, to support compatriots abroad, from security culture to protect marriage “as the Union of a man and a woman”, and from annual indexation of pensions to support volunteers, etc. — duplicates rules, and so there are Russian laws, if not in the same Constitution.

Amendments “inflate” the text of the Constitution by 40%, marring, obessmyslivaet, complicating and emasculating him. But more importantly, they authorize personal dictatorship of Putin for many years. This is their only and main point.


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