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Why am I so tired 7 causes of constant fatigue

Почему я так устаю: 7 причин постоянной усталостиOne in five people complaining of tiredness.

The desire to curl up, not bothering anyone and not doing anything just because anymore, comes to all of us.

But if this condition persists for a long period of time, you may want to contact your doctor because this may indicate serious disease. The list of diseases whose main symptoms are constant fatigue.

Iron deficiency
If there is insufficient iron (anemia) decreased production of hemoglobin, the cells don’t get enough oxygen, which becomes a cause of constant fatigue.

Other signs:

– the desire to eat something strange (often ice, sometimes the earth, starch);

– constantly cold hands or feet;

– chest discomfort, shortness of breath;

pale skin, brittle, splitting nails;

– painful, swollen or inflamed language.

In the initial stages the situation can be corrected by increasing the consumption of iron-containing products. Champions of the content of iron are shellfish, meat and offal of animals, legumes (other products here).

Vitamin B12 deficiency
Fatigue is one of the first signs of shortage of vitamin B12. This element is contained only in foods of animal origin, so vegetarians first to fall into the risk group.

Other signs:

– low mood, tearfulness, anxiety;

– blurred vision, the appearance of unusual shadows;

pale or yellowish skin, a smooth tongue;

– numbness, tingling, numb extremities.

With a shortage of vitamin B12 correction of diet will help only when it really is not enough meat (for example, you were dieting). In all other cases it is necessary to take a synthetic analogue, right dose appointed by the doctor.

Problems with the thyroid
Failure of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) where there is a shortage of thyroid hormones, accompanied by fatigue.

Other signs:

– puffy face and eyelids, swelling of the legs (rarely);

– hypersensitivity to cold;

– pain, discomfort in muscles, joints;

– hoarse voice;

– dry skin, thinning or hair loss.

Adjusted it as taking synthetic hormones.

Bowel disease
In intestinal dysfunction the quantity of harmful bacteria in it are greatly increased. With the death of these organisms produce a toxin that adversely affects the nervous system, causing fatigue.

Other signs:

– excessive gas, abdominal pain;

– bad taste in the mouth;

– white tongue coating;

– nausea.

Treatment of the intestine depends on the kind of disease (this could be dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome) broke its normal functionality.

Adrenal fatigue
Adrenal fatigue is an overabundance of adrenaline in the blood. This hormone is produced in stressful situations, and in small doses brings only benefits, but in excess it provokes a feeling of weakness.

Other signs:

– low blood pressure;

– body aches;

– unexplained weight loss;

– hair loss, darkening of the skin.

Adrenaline spikes cannot be excluded from real life. But less painful to cope with stressful situations will help restful sleep, a balanced diet, walking outdoors, playing sports.

Liver disease
The most common liver diseases that are accompanied by tiredness are hepatitis A and B. the Lack of strength is also observed in disturbed bile flow, inflammation of the bile ducts, cirrhosis of the liver.

Other signs:

pain under ribs on right side;

– yellowing of the skin;

– rise in temperature;

– nausea, poor appetite.

In this case, without taking special drugs (and in some cases without surgical intervention) is not enough.

Chronic dehydration
Chronic dehydration takes place not so obviously as sharp, so you often such as do not attach importance to. The constant lack of water causes many problems, including constant fatigue.

Other signs:

– constant desire to eat something sweet;

– difficulty falling asleep, superficial sleep;

– dizziness, headaches;

– dry mouth, an unpleasant smell.

To check your body for dehydration, zasypnica a skin fold with two fingers in the wrist on the outer side, pull half a centimeter, then release. The skin should be completely smooth and return to its original position after 1-2 seconds.

Chronic dehydration is corrected by increase in fluid intake (from 1.5 to 2.5 liters depending on weight).

If the constant fatigue and other symptoms persist for several weeks, do not waste time and consult your doctor, because the success of the fight against any disease depends on how timely treat.

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