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Why all this?

Зачем это всё?

The collapse in oil prices and, as a consequence, the artificial collapse of the ruble, organized by Putin’s the nearest environment, is striking cynicism and contempt for the population.

As told the press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev, it was done preventively struggle for global market, desire to destroy (make unprofitable) U.S. production of shale oil.

That is their corporate interests, they declared the interests of the country and launched a hybrid war?

Obviously, pursued other goals in domestic politics.

The impact on the financial viability of the population caused very strong.

As most businesses in Russia have offshore owners (especially in the housing sector), the sharp increase in ruble tariffs (to keep the proceeds in dollars) is simply inevitable.

Prices for fuel in Russia will not fall (as it happens in the US), and rise — oil refining within the country is not tied to world prices, and the income of corporations from oil -that is his loss they will compensate by increasing the exploitation of the people of the Russian Federation.

The price of food and goods inevitably blows up.

Why all this?

Creeps in a very unpleasant thought — Putin’s government started the transfer of the country’s paramilitary rails rigid control.

To avoid unexpected surprises in the elections and to demand from the heads of regions to ensure at ANY price the victory of the people hated Edra (or whatever mold it replaced) and support for the continuation of Putin’s course.

Actually it means, all regions should stand faithfully on his knees and beg from the centre of the money that will be given for KPI loyalty and willingness to execute any order.

Coronavirus is very useful — it allows you to actually declare martial law and to isolate any person, without resorting to a formal coup.

The idea of the revolution in Russia appear in the flesh.

Only it’s not in the constitutional barren anguish, and in complete and final subordination of the whole economic, political and social life of the country to the will of a narrow circle soldered the common ambition of people.

This is called classical Greek the word “tyranny”.

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