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Who’s afraid of the Sandman?

Don’t fall asleep! Otherwise, come the Sandman and kill… someone.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in different stages of development is several films under the name “the Sandman” (The Sandman). One, if you remember, was going to make Dario Argento, another (possibly the series) will be based on the comic book series by Neil Gaiman. But on 14 October, 2017 on the channel SyFy will premiere another tape of the same name.

Television’s “the Sandman” appeals to the same folk sources, and other projects with a similar name, to the terrible tales about the monster, the demon or God from dreams that throws children in the eyes of the sand. So, again, there is nothing surprising. What is really surprising in relation to this particular film is the fact that creating it involved a very, very, very big Hollywood producer, none other than Stan Lee. To help you understand the seriousness of man – Stan Lee founded Marvel.

In addition, the film starred Tobin bell (John Kramer from the film series “Saw”) and Haley Duff (“Island of fear”, “Ghost” (2012)). The official synopsis sounds pretty muddled and can be confusing:

A secret government organization pursues a young girl, while Claire and Madison are trying to find a way to stop Sandman before he announces his next victim. The problem of evil “Valentina” – the person who leads a group of bureaucrats that are not too deeply involved in the Affairs when Madison start to happen strange things. Objects moving by themselves, Cabinet doors are opened and closed. If in the house there are something supernatural…

But the trailer brings some clarity: we have here the story motif, borrowed from the movie “Somnia” Mike Flanagan – remember, there was a boy whose dreams become a reality?.. Well, in “Sand man,” the girl is dreaming the same Sandman. And while girl sleeping monster kills.

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