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Who won a civil society?

Кого победило гражданское общество?

“This is a great victory for civil society in Russia”, — with this exclamation begin their editions of Russian news channels. Where, how, who won? Glued to the screen.

It turns out that the country received the first batch of imported unregistered drugs for children with severe forms of the disease. To this day, children died in convulsions at home and in hospices. Their parents who dared to bypass the law to get saving for children’s medicines have tracked down and seized by the FSB. And all this more than one year. And in the eyes of the country. And with the constant appeals to the President. But the mad, cannibalistic order of Ministry of health prohibiting the use of imported psychotropic drugs, even if it’s the only way to save the life of the child, continued their murderous business.

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And only now, after a long series of tortures and deaths, had happened a shift. No, these drugs are still not freely available. They will be distributed only to officials and strictly according to the lists. How is Russia doing different officials out there, “zdravo”, is well known. Cases of disappearance of quotas on drugs, speculation, loss of documents at multiple stages of approvals, elementary razdolbaystva and matured indifference — that we have in abundance.

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The curse of all mothers by order of the Ministry of health are specific names, starting with the name of the Minister. Is all slow and sly the social security system of the Russians. Is in full force, the government and the President. It is their, something, today won a civil society? That’s when the collapse of the system itself, allowing for laws and decrees in the interests of a dozen citizens and to the detriment of millions, then I think the appropriate phrase about the victory of civil society in Russia. And then only with great reservations.

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