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Who ordered the monument on the grave, not to regret about the mistake?

Monument on the grave of custom – building, designed to embody the memory of living people about the deceased friend or relative. The monument is made to establish when to settle the land for the cemetery plot. As a rule, in the period 6-12 months after burial. The installation is carried out in warm and dry seasons. Over the tomb is placed a reinforced concrete beam, the ends of which rest on the ground. From the top down slab. Massive concrete base firmly holds the structure in place.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a monument for a grave?

The shape of the product depend on the taste and financial possibilities of the consumer. Natural stone is not cheap. If the relatives of the “chase” for the low price, it is better to choose composite composition. You need to consider: the durability of the artificial stone is less than the natural counterpart.

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Marble is expensive, beautiful and noble material. For most climatic zones of Russia, it is advisable to cover the memorial with a special compound. The protective layer prolongs the aesthetic appeal of the gravestones.

Greater stability and lower price of granite differs. Periodically clean the surface to within a few decades to maintain the sharpness of the image, and labels.

To save money, it is recommended to book the memorial in the off-season (cold and rainy).

Where to order a monument for a grave?

When choosing a contractor experienced people recommend to stay on the organizations that have their own production. Direct communication of the customer with the performers will allow you to:

to get an idea about the professionalism of the team works from the portfolio;
choose high-quality material;
listen to the advice of designer and adopt beautiful in form and composition sketch of the future product;
to eliminate the imperfections of natural stone;
to the monument on the grave of custom, and guarantee the durability of the product;
to conclude a contract for site preparation, installation of the memorial and future maintenance.

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Recommend a trusted contractor with our own production service A perk of the job — adaptability, honesty, responsibility. The list of advantages:

quality service combined with low prices: rates official state organization controls the Department of the capital;

issues of “turn-key” in the price list:

preparation of substrate;
the manufacture of the monument on the grave custom;
storing the product in stock;
transportation, installation, care;
individual approach to customers.

Relatives are offered to choose a convenient form of communication: personal meeting with an agent or details online.

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