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Who let this Greta on the screen?!

Кто выпустил эту Грету на экран?!

In Russia, everything is unusual seek to suppress and destroy it, and in the West, the diversity is considered the key to survival.

In the framework of the Russian paradigm of eco-activist Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenage girl, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, a person with a television is, we just talk, like an idiot, which is used by invisible puppeteers. Probably, those who under the name of global warming dream to deprive Russia, China, and other normal country of its industry. But it is clear that the West has gone completely crazy, that there is freedom only for nerds, gays and rapists, Muslims, and because the only defenders of European values, we are Russian! Greta’s nomination for the Nobel peace prize — another proof of the madness of the West.

However, within the Western paradigm the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg looks different — and I do not understand why the Russian-speaking network a complete mockery of it. Do the Russians not understand that as a result of climate change and the melting of ice of the planet will be flooded, and some will die from hunger? Including flooded — perhaps, very soon, those born today will live up to this in Saint Petersburg?!

The fact that in Western Europe, environmental problems — one of the most talked about. For example, in Germany it is the theme of the room 2 (topic number 1 — still refugees and migrants). When Russia reported about mass death of bees, it was out of the loop “in the river Smolenka dying fish”. Well, killed and killed, not a single fish and especially not a bee. And when in Germany a couple of years ago reported a decrease in bees, this caused an immediate reaction. Under the Windows of my house opened for the second apiary. Some grasslands and lawns have ceased to mow, providing explanations that retain the honey TravelMate. In stores at the box office are seed packets of flowers that the bees loved.

I have one friend, a Russian girl, sticking to put it mildly, not encouraged by German law views. She wants all migrants to be kicked out of Germany, and mosques to close. And German husband, as far as I can tell, she is in this sense a couple. But when she’s in front of husband slammed the newspaper flown the bee, he almost fell into a swoon, and long explained, how this terrible thing. By the way, a fine (which, however, no one has written) the destruction of bees and even wasps in Germany — up to 65,000 euros.

There are people within the Russian paradigm again wags his finger at his temple.

And within the Western paradigm — no. How colorful is the key to the diversity of insects (and only OS in Germany about 600 species) and insect diversity is the key to diversity of all living things. The reduction in diversity is perceived as a threat to life. Save — a chance at life. And Greta Thunberg (of course the living entity) is perceived as part of the blossoms. Even if behind her, someone is. Diversity is more important. Therefore, demonstration of Global Strike 4 Climate in Germany came out half a million people. And in my quietest Augsburg, the size of Ivanovo, where there is an environmental idyll — 26 thousand.

So, again: from the point of view of the Western paradigm, that diversity is essential to human survival, because we do not know how the future might turn. Therefore, all families. So — all kinds of animals. If I jump on the bike and 20 minutes drive to the grazing herds of camels. After another 20 minutes of until recently brought to the Bavarian forest Przewalski’s horses. Yes, camel and horse Asian unusual in Bavaria, so what?

And autistic looks unusual, but autistic people are math geniuses. And employees, managing on-street wheelchair wheelchair, holding the joystick with your mouth, unusual. But Stephen Hawking has created for us a whole cosmogony. And Yes, Greta Thunberg suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, but she talks about our fears swinging as adult politicians never dreamed of. And maybe then politicians will demand from third world countries also to comply with environmental standards. We have a common planet, the General atmosphere, the total ocean. Why do we need such a Russia, which, as on the whole planet, will not remain a single living creature?!

There is little doubt that manipulation of the “green” theme possible. Just as the manipulation of bio-food (when the Kraft paper and a piece of string, raise the price of cucumber, watered from a watering can, half as judge on the nearest bio-Markt).

But still concern about the quality of food, air, nature and life much better than disregard them.

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