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Who Lenin is haunted?

Кому Ильич не дает покоя?

In the network appeared the news about the recognition of some of the works of V. I. Lenin’s extremist, right to print them all sorts of dubious media [1], and there was a denial of this fact in other media [2]. But the fact of the appearance of such content in a second-rate media can mean either a regular examination of the reaction of workers to such news, or an attempt to discredit and intimidation of the people have chosen the path of studying the works of Lenin, Marx, etc. the Theme of socialism and communism are very scared of the owners of the means of production, which are constantly looking for ways to denigrate and deny the work of the founders of the Communist ideology. They use the controlled media to create public opinion and suggestion of bourgeois values. This Saga of lies and name-calling began in the late ‘ 80s when I was actively preparing for the return of capitalism, and this thread has not dried up to this day. But thanks to all the new anti-people reforms and laws, the machine for brainwashing the population in recent years, working less effectively, Working still, what broadcast media, if in his refrigerator all less products, and the quality of life worse.

Reading the writings of Lenin, Stalin and Marx: we — workers find the answers to the questions why, despite growth of incomes of the elite, the workers themselves live worse. Everyone knows the familiar situation occurred in the past, the distant 19th and early 20th century, sees the causes that originated them and finds them an exact repetition of today. After all, the basis of capitalism is always on the same principles, that private property of the means of production and exploitation of workers for maximum profit in the shortest period of time.

In the pursuit of profit the capitalists make attempts to resist the enlightenment of the masses, but if the earlier books could be removed and burned, and today their attempts are meaningless. The Internet has accumulated thousands of books, audio-video materials, available to everyone who wants to understand the causes of his problems. And even the creation of a closed Internet is not able to prevent us to get accurate information and learn from the classics of Marxism-Leninism, to fight for the liberation of their country from the system of the parasite — capitalism.
Comrade, don’t let the bourgeois media to cloud your brain! Join the struggle for the emancipation of the workers from the yoke of capitalism!
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2. o-priznanii-rabot-lenina-ekstremist·skimi_09-10-2019


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