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Who is the coronavirus?

Кто стоит за коронавирусом?

In General, as a result of communication with the astral, the situation of coronavirus is

Probably many have noticed how all of the country as if on command have begun to take the same measures, strongly to escalate the situation, while for example, AIDS, a much more dangerous 25 million from him already dead.

I think not only I have the impression that us what are you not telling me. The impression is as if SOMEONE, all the rulers of the countries have set conditions to abandon them, they can’t.

Who is IT before whom you tremble, the most powerful nation? We call them GODS who the aliens and so on.

For all its eternity and imperishability, the Gods need food, but the imperishable can’t eat what is perishable, they feed on our energy.

For many centuries they were getting our energy from egregors of religions that we fueled.

One from the egregor of Christianity, other Buddhism, etc. they too are divided, and for sources is a struggle as we have for resources, the echoes of the wars of the Gods dokatyvayutsya sometimes up to us.

Recently, the role of religion has declined markedly, many Temples were deserted, the power relationship of the Gods with us weakened, THEY began to starve, they were faced by the threat of losing their eternal life.

Actually the clergy forgot their main purpose of existing in such cases monasteries not long since the prayers are mostly business and economy. Except that in Israel, faithfully perform the Covenants, 10% of the population officially employed offering prayers to their Creator.

But it is a common problems are not solved. Energy sakima of the Gods is empty.

Conditions the Terrans were delivered simple energy or life.

Modern technology allows you to connect directly each to the Providers – to the Gods.

Now we broadcast that to diagnose the virus there is no special meaning, it is necessary to diagnose antibodies to the virus, having on each passport of immunity. Who doesn’t have such passport, to walk around the city and shop and work ordered back in the house.

And here a few days ago, have already started to say they invented the CHIP which detects the antibody status is not necessary or where to go for tests. The CHIP itself will do, if you are all right, all doors will open before you automatically if not then the entrance or where it is not.

And now, doctor, butchers and other experts in Malakhov’s Studio, we broadcast – what is wrong with the Chip or what not, they say we all carry chips in phones, and it will be a small device, where there under the skin.

Epic coronavirus is a chance to put us CHIP.

Your personal data and spying on you no one cares, only need energy.

Of course you can opt out of chipping, but will be deprived of social status, as potentially “contagious”.

I think there will be not much. Young people, so generally speaking, the CHIP is cool! And you are simply out of date, and so afraid of everything new.

Will we be able to avoid it? I think not. Do I have this fear? I think not – and so we fed the GODS, but not so obviously. I think even with time, when we will be ready psychologically, we will even say the true cause of all this.

All the above written is my attempt at the “fingers” to betray what I said, of course everything is much more complicated, but the overall picture is this.


Valery Rozanov, doctor of psychology, expert in the field of esotericism


PS You never came to me that if people 4 thousand years ago built huge pyramids, which we cannot even guess, just knowing that this is the stone of the pyramid, and with a specific function of the structure! So our modern civilization can not even guess about the function of these pyramids! You didn’t come to mind that Egyptian LAPTOPS were much more advanced than our?………… And where is then all go?

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