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Who is really helping the Belarus

Кто реально помогает Белоруссии

According to the National statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus the investments of other countries are as follows:

Кто реально помогает Белоруссии

As can be seen from the official statistics, Russian investments in the Belarusian economy amount to approximately half of the investment from all other countries-investors in total.

Statistics shows that most countries reduced investment from 2018 to 2019, some significantly.

However, investments in Russia increased by about 360 million dollars.

You should pay attention to China, which reduced investment in 2 times and 2019 Russia invested in Belarus about 30 times more than China.

Why I focused on China? Yes, because Alexander Lukashenko in any case declares that if Russia does not give, give China. This kind of blackmail.


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