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Who is Paimon, the demon from the movie “Reincarnation”?

If you’re not in the occult and demonology, then you are probably new sounds the name of PAMON (pronounced “Paymon”) from the movie “Reincarnation” (Hereditary), which is rolled Russia on June 7, and while collects downright enthusiastic criticism (for example time, example two, example three).

Who is he or what he is – Paimon?

It’s definitely not an invention of the Director and screenwriter of “Reincarnation” Ari Astaire – but after learning more about this creature, you will be able to better understand the film itself.

Paimon (in the original it is written as Paimon, but you can also find and spellings Paymon and Paimonia) – the demon, which tells the Grimoire, the Grimoire Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis, aka, the “Lemegeton” or “lesser key of Solomon”. For the first time this book is mentioned in the work of the German alchemist and occultist Cornelius Agrippa (aka Agrippa Nettesheim, real name Henry Cornelius Nettesheim) “On the uncertainty and vanity of all Sciences and arts” in 1531. The first “official” edition of the Grimoire dates back to 1898 (in “the Book of Black magic and Treaties”.

In turn, the “little key of Solomon” (tradition says that it contains the spells invented by the wisest of men by king Solomon) consists of five parts: “Goetia” (or “ARS Goetia”), “Theurgy Goetia”, “Almadel ARS”, “ARS Paulina and ARS Notoria”. In “ARS Goetia” (from the Greek. Goethia, which means “witchcraft”) under Shemhamforash lists the 72 zodiacal demon Prince who played an important role in medieval magic and Theurgy. Among them you will surely find familiar names: Baal, Astaroth, Asmodeus, Belial, and others. Each of them has its own title in the hellish hierarchy – King of Baal, Astaroth, the Duke of… King Paimon.

The symbol (sigil) of Pamona.

Compare with a medallion on the body of Ellen from the movie.

The same medallion and have a daughter Ellen.

Paimon ninth ninth spirit or demon, the great king of Hell, obedient to Lucifer – perhaps the most loyal of his servant. Looks like a man with a tiara, seated on a one-hump camel-DROMEDARY. PAMON is very strong and operates two hundred legions of demons and is not alone, but accompanied by numerous humanoid spirits. At his first appearance PAMON roars, but his speech, in spite of a loud voice may not be quite intelligible. Call of Pamona difficult, but if the mage can do it, Paimon can teach all arts and Sciences, and able to bestow that caused his good friends and get to serve him any human.

Crown of Pamona made of gold and embellished with stones, this demon the body of a man, but a woman’s face. In the old Testament Pamona corresponds to the name of Azazel (which means “scapegoat” or “sacrificial goat”), is owned by one of the chief demons. Chamber of Pamona located in the North-West – that’s where we must turn our gaze during the ritual of the call. Necessary for ritual black and dark blue candles, and hold it in the daytime. To summon a demon, you need to accurately answer the asked questions and to reassure him – will require sacrifices. The most strong PAMON in may.

We will not here reveal the whole meaning of the movie “Reincarnation”, as you read this article and may those who have not seen it yet. But if you have watched “Reincarnation”, then the above information will certainly help you to better understand many details of the plot, symbolism of certain scenes and parts of this picture.

Various images of Pamona:

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