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Who had stood up, he all, bitch, interfere with sleep!

Кто рано встал, тот всем, с*ка, спать мешает!

Every weekend I Wake up at exactly 8 am. No, I’m not a morning person, and it has nothing to do with my daily routine — just next door got a dog.

Кто рано встал, тот всем, с*ка, спать мешает!

Every morning neighbors are a young couple with a baby — go for a walk with a stroller and your new pet. The problem is that the dog won’t shut up for a second. Is to open the door, as she happily flies into the street and starts barking. And so without a pause on the highest notes of all those 15 minutes while they slowly put the baby in the stroller and pass around the corner.

My apartment is on the second floor. This sonorous barking impossible to ignore even with the Windows closed, even under the pillow, to fall asleep, then the more it fails. Seriously, I don’t know how the owners tolerate it — maybe they’re all deaf, including a child. In the end, it is their problem. But I’m mentally prepared to throw from the balcony with a heavy object.

I would like to tell that to the neighbors directly, but while I crawl out of bed, dressed and looking for points, they are already gone from the yard.

Well, by God, have a conscience! Either train your chetyrehsot “happiness”, or put on her noise-cancelling muzzle or something! You even imagine can not as I get tired during the work week, and then there’s Sunday to sleep do not give. If you have nerves of steel, and their lack of a child, and voiced the dog, remember, not all of them are strong!

And anyway, who invented this early on a Sunday to walk your toddler and dog? You yourself-it is normal to leave home at 8 o’clock? You are on the weekdays on the job, too, well, at least one of you.

Dear neighbors! Take her out on weekends, at least not early in the morning! I want to be able to sleep on Sunday, at least until 10 am!

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