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Who escaped from North Korea, the diplomat told about the country’s readiness to revolt

Бежавший из КНДР дипломат рассказал о готовности страны к восстаниюA former employee of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK argues that the dissatisfaction of Kim Jong-UN becomes universal.

A former North Korean diplomat Tae Yong Ho, who defected to South Korea, spoke about the growing public discontent against the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN.

“Grassroots criticism of the regime, previously considered unthinkable, sounds more and more. We need to pour gasoline on North Korea and allow the country’s people to bring the match,” explained the former diabetic. He said that he fled the country because of disagreement with the political leadership.

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According to Tae Yong Ho, in modern Korea from communism have not disappeared, and the elites observe with concern as Cambodia, Vietnam and ex-USSR countries carry out economic and social reforms.

Tae Yong Ho was reported missing in August of 2016 from the Embassy in London shortly before returning home. Later it became known that he, along with his wife and children fled to South Korea. His family was taken under the protection of the government. August 20, Pyongyang accused Tae Yong Ho divulging state secrets and illegal embezzlement.

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