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Who brought the rebellious France

Кого возбудила бунтующая Франция

Two hundred thousand people for more than two weeks trashing their own state.

Judging by the reports from the field, noticed an interesting fact is when the rebellious thunder chain stores, banks and representative offices of transnational corporations. And least affected small shops, cafes and restaurants medium-sized businesses.

It is no secret that with the advent in any country of global business through trade networks and banks begins the process of destroying the middle class of owners. Can’t a family cafe with three centuries of history to survive near a fast-food joint, where the pipeline for the sale of junk food. Neither can survive family shop, near the hypermarket.

And the former owner of their craft, which is passed down from generation to generation from parents to children, had hired in sweatshop system of squeezing profits from workers and from the population. A person ceases to be the master of his fate, becoming a cog in the machine of transnational corporations.

Then it would be worth examining the economic situation of the French Republic

To begin with, to study the trade balance of the French economy.

France – Trade balance

Кого возбудила бунтующая Франция
As we can see, to earn a living the French economy stopped ten years ago, resulting in debt for each citizen of the country at the rate of 32 thousand dollars.

Each day in France comes to about two hundred people who apply for social security benefits.

In fact, France, once in the globalization and networks of transnational corporations, lose any prospect of development of middle class owners, which has always been a stable pillar of the economy.

Society increasingly split between rich and poor. People, who are forced for survival to work for the Corporation have nothing to lose, because he doesn’t have anything that you can appreciate.

And if confirmed suspicions that the protest is heated from the outside, there is a real situation is a repeat of the revolution and the civil war, which cost France millions of lives and decades of degradation.

Against this background is just amazing that the Belarusian opposition is conducting its policy in the interests of globalization, criticizing the government for impeding the extension to Belarus of trade networks and global business.

It is no secret that on the front line of globalization is the international Monetary Fund, which promotes the interests of transnational corporations.

And it is no secret that the Belarusian opposition on all his stands in favor of obedience to the requirements of the IMF for the destruction of the Belarusian industry through privatization. And also to open all the Windows and doors to import. Allegedly, this import has to employ one million new sellers. They either do not understand or want to understand that this import will just destroy our economy, because we have no way to compete with Asian and African countries where the Corporation transferred industry.

It turns out that France, caught in the grip of globalization, showing Belarus an example of how not to do.

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