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“Whipped bitch”: funny quotes from the writings of VNO-2018

«Влип по самые помидоры»: смешные цитаты из сочинений ВНО-2018They were written by the students with a sense of humor.

Was held EIT in the Ukrainian language and literature. Among the objectives not only tests, but also their own essay.
Some quotes from current students works were “masterpieces” and can bring us to tears.

Funny quotes from current works:

An example is the poem by Taras Shevchenko “Catherine” who got pregnant without the support of parents.

The seller ran after Mike, and Mike race into a dead end and realized that is screwed up in the tomatoes.

A vivid example from the literature is the Gingerbread man – the eponymous protagonist of tales who ran away from his grandfather, grandmother and other inhabitants of the forest, because he believed in their own strength, and therefore it was eaten by a Fox.

If my grandfather were counting on our own strength, not pulled out the turnip, and so his whole family helped.

In the poem by I. Nechui-Levitsky’s “Aeneid”, despite the antagonist of Juno, Aeneas succeeded.

Mistress helped Stepan Radchenko to recognize his great purpose.

After the abolition of serfdom, Shevchenko fought in the Caucasus, wrote in the poem “Caucasus,” which he dedicated to his friend Prometheus

To be a successful person, I not only learn from their mistakes, but keep repeating studied.

In my opinion, the main thing is believing in myself: here I sit on set and know nothing, – and where are these friends? But why would I support them if they don’t know any more than I do.

The best arguments for this thesis there are examples, and the first of them was me.

Every person is divided into two kinds of people.

This conclusion expands my understanding.

Wet eyes healing water.

Made himself – dobey, and other.

The poem “beetle under the cherry”

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