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While the Volga is not permanently frozen

Many times I have heard about that place on the Volga. Out in the autumn of my friends regaled me with interesting information about fishing for walleye on the jig. After frost somewhere there has become the ice, of course, someone has already tried there to fish… and now, apparently, it was my turn to go there for the first time. To see that this place is interesting, since it so much to say, and very contradictory information!

After the last fishing on the Volga I just couldn’t wait to check heavy devil the place where someone close to catching Belle (sabrefish, white-eye, white bream). From the sound of it I really liked the fact that for a sufficiently tolerant that it changes its strength, and that local fishermen catch bersha and gaps on a conventional jig with the suspension and with a planting of the worm. There is a Bursch or pike – catch them if the suspension starts to appear and Belle caught Belle, oblasova different depths.

As we go papewalis through the snow, perhaps, will not describe. Every winter angler may have something similar to remember. However, not to mention it is not eligible. We have so much snow every 7-10 years, and fishing in minus 34 Celsius we go very infrequently. But thanks to such stories as pierced “field” drifts as they took with them a spare battery in as the boots were looking the direction of the road – our descendants will have an idea that there was a time when the snow was waist-deep, and the fish caught… on our already antiquated gear… yet we with the most modern fishing line and lures, with the most advanced techniques of catching fish is just for lunch could go on the ice and drill the first hole.

Specifics catching on fast ice

This place was a smooth ice floe with a width of 70 meters along the shore, which was separated from the main flow of the ridges and the curve of coastline upstream. In this area of landfast ice and we settled. The place was exactly where Nicholas was already trying to fish a week ago. According to him, bersha here most caught those who picked up the weight of the main (lower) jig under over so that her over and over again was drifting farther and farther away from the hole. It was able to sh in a very impressive waters downstream. True, like ice, at thirty-degree frost to set the gear is very problematic. However, already in the first hole we all three saw the bite. Kohl’s caught on a jig with a worm, Volodya on the balancer, and I’m on the heavy trait. My first similarity is clear. Gatherings happen often, if the depth is 12 meters and the line drawn over another meter in 3. After 3-4 taps on the bottom, I generally no longer feel it, no matter how much he let the fishing line diameter to 0.16 mm. something weighing over a kilo I got almost to the hole, but as is often the case, the devil pointed to the edge of the ice, and the fish I saw. Apparently, bad spotted.

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When fishing light lures for you must be prepared for sweeping the cutting. It is necessary to cut the part of the line that was poisoned, catching the bottom. To do it quite lazily, but when the new hole, and standing up with outstretched hand, see the line – understand the necessity of getting rid of excess fishing line on the first transactions. I had to move closer to the shore, but for the third hole began…

Do you use the unhook?

No, the uncoupling of course I was. Even several, different weights. But that’s only for demolition of the “devil” somewhere away from the hole, uncoupling and heavy landed before the unfortunate driftwood and could not beat the stuck bait. The first hook I pulled barely twenty minutes trying to unhook it. Then I started to drill the hole next to the snag, because chances are that next to it and the fish is! But just around the hole parted with two of his most difficult dogs. It was a pity very. But I’ve come to understand that the uncoupling may be easy enough, just a couple of grams heavier than the devil, and down on the same thin line. Only then will the chances for something to knock on stuck devil. I will work on this issue, and yet minus two devils in my box.

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It is necessary to catch there where the bite!

Being indignant, walked away from the wretched place, however, and takes no more. One caught a small perch close to the shore, and all. However, during this time we have acquired any statistics. Kolya in the standings was a Bursch, Volodya three, and I have one. Nicholas left for 150 meters upstream in search of Beli, and I decided to go back to the hole where he had several bites in a row. Certainly bersh and small perch grazing somewhere nearby! And sure enough, in the first hole started to pull out of Berchem. Bite followed sometimes immediately, sometimes only after the hell I endured two metres downstream. One time I just stopped looking for the bottom, and stupidly played on the same level, assuming that a variable flow itself will then lower the Jack, then raise. So I caught one of the wells bersha and pike-perch small. By the time when Nicholas went back to the first hole and caught another bersha on mormyshka with Malcolm, I have on the ice already distribute 6 pieces. However, any white fish I didn’t catch.

Summing up before leaving, Nicholas said to me that he’s just confident – help I hook the hell are fisheye or worm, I would be caught twice. I with this statement do not agree, for example, on the balancer the next few fisheye or worm, and is caught, sometimes very good!
But rather than argue, perhaps better again to go a friendly team for a Bursch!

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