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Which of the short films Neill Blomkamp will turn into a full feature?

The Director of “District 9” and “Elysium”, and, in fact, the Creator of the Oats Studios published a poll in which fans are invited to choose which of the short films of the project will be expanded to a full film.

The Studio has already released more than a dozen different videos: some were made as if incidentally, some looked quite self-sufficient, but most of the works immediately hinted at a sequel. And if the story called “Adam”, for example, successfully developing in the YouTube format (at the moment, 3 out episode), the other was obviously sharpened by a great movie.

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On his Twitter page, Neil Blomkamp offers a choice between two short films in which you have invested would be better.

Crowd fund Firebase? Or zygote as first feature.
— Neill Blomkamp (@NeillBlomkamp) 11 Jan 2018

Firebase about the horrors of the Vietnam war, or monstrous Zygote? It seems that the leader of the first option, albeit with a small margin. In any case, the debut feature film Studios Oats is just the beginning.

If crowdfunding works… I hope we run a continuous stream of independent science fiction/horror/fantasy. Just need to start the process.

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And then Blomkamp Napoleonic! Well, if this guy will succeed, it can greatly affect the entire film industry. However, does not refuse to cooperate with the big studios. Here, for example, the movie “Alien 5” was reminded recently just in time.

In short, we look forward to what will come of all this.

Watch all series Studios Oats here!

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