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Which movie/TV series has managed to scare you lately?

Continue the conversation begun by the surveys When and what started your love for horror? and the Literature of horror: What book (novel, story, story) could cause you to have tremors?. Movie (here TV add) is a more popular art form than literature. So if you haven’t read horror (you never know – I don’t like to read books in principle), then surely the horrors of watching. And if you watched it, probably some kind of horror movie managed to scare you. Let’s remember the films that scared us most. And along the way learn movies what period scaring most of the inhabitants and guests of memory.

Well, I’ll start with myself, of course 🙂 horror Movies scare me still, though less and not as strong as it once was. But perhaps the most vivid impression, after all I made a few movies of the late 1990s and the first half of the 2000s, namely “call” (in Japanese), “Blair Witch”, “Texas chainsaw massacre” (2003), “Hostel”, “dawn of the dead” (2004). It turns out that I was primarily afraid of films 2000-ies. Although, maybe it’s the age, as around the same period, for example, I saw “cannibal Holocaust” Ruggero, Deodato and this old movie also left me with a lasting impression.

In recent years I was able a few times to scare the film by James WAN , the Conjuring. Not only he, but these impressions are quite fresh, unlike other.

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