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Which apartments are often rented Ukrainians

Какие квартиры чаще всего арендуют украинцыOne-room house renovated can be rented for 6 thousand.

Ukrainians for the lease and purchase of a real estate economy segment. Mostly cheap one-bedroom apartments with area of 50 sq m, said Sergei Kostecki, an analyst at SV Development.

“Cheap “dead” Studio apartment in the Khrushchev can be rented for 4-5 thousand hryvnia. These proposals are very little. But the demand is high. One-room house renovated can be rented for 6 thousand. The same cost for rent a small area. However in remote areas without repair, furniture and equipment. For the best options you will have to pay 7-8 thousand hryvnia,” – says real estate expert.

“Payment for the rent raise those who had underestimated her. For example, an apartment a few years the tenant was shooting for 3-4 thousand hryvnia. As he moved out, the owner began to rent an apartment is more expensive”, – says Sergey Kostecki.

In Kyiv the average rent up to 1.5 thousand units per month. In the beginning of the year in rent of 1.2-1.3 thousand apartments.

“The real estate market, the average price increased. However, the average transaction price has not changed. People stopped to shoot expensive housing. Looking for apartments economy segment. It’s mostly young families, graduates who moved out of the dorms. Anyone who wants to move away from their parents,” – said the expert.

Often Studio apartments buy to rent out. However, to return the money invested, have to wait 30 years.

“In Kiev basically buy a Studio apartment to $30 thousand. In the suburbs – $20-25 thousand. The area of apartments to 50 square meters. In new buildings about 50% of one-bedroom flats. This may be the apartment of 70 square meters. Then there is the opportunity to rebuild housing in a two” – sums up Sergey Kostecki.

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