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Whether to combat coronavirus as the “birth pangs” of a New middle Ages?

Является ли борьба с коронавирусом «муками родов» Нового Средневековья?

Through a critique of the view of A. Nesmeyana summarized actual social class and mytho-Logone the content and essence of the ideology of the New middle Ages, perpetuated in the mass voluntary and involuntary ideological agents of the ruling on the mirum international public financial class of capitalists.

This article is an Addendum to the series of articles by the author on the General topic “the transition of man and mankind from the animal Kingdom limitations into the realm of true freedom of man” and the article “what is the meaning of “universal combat coronavirus”?” (see: ), in particular.

A. Nesmiyan about pandemic coronavirus as the transition to a New Srednevekovje.

Positioning himself as an analyst Anatoly nesmiyan in his blog entries from 24.03.2020 entitled “War-Lite”, concludes: “the Epidemic of the coronavirus… lets go to a new world without the total clean, destruction and all that. Easy version world war. We don’t even notice that it started, went and ended. “Golden billion” (and also those who wanted to get into it) voluntarily disappear as a subject of world civilization. In its place will arise something from which it will be possible to sculpt the new man of the new middle Ages. To form a new caste-class system, to fix some inconsistencies, to get rid of the vestiges of the current world order and restarted the project again, starting from the beginning. From where we started. New middle Ages, but with the Internet” (see: ).

What and how makes it Nesmiyan?

First, the “world “to the coronavirus” was bad from the point of view of the ruling global elites, as the concept of “Golden billion” has stopped working. High standards of consumption and living standards, of course, was a powerful engine of technological progress, providing a high effective demand, but missing the main thing – the answer to the question: and why is that? …After the collapse of the USSR, the development was out of inertia, but the basic strategic question of “why” made sense. And really, why?”

Second, the “rapid development has led to the creation of many new and insoluble contradictions in the current social psyche. …The West, with its fixed idea of boundless freedom as the Supreme value, …faced with the problem — and whether the freedom of the border, and how to combine them with the basic principle of the prohibition of limitation? When civilization is faced with an unsolvable problem, she solves it always the same way — through a return to the past (albeit at a new level), where she can reflect on the existing problems and to find a mechanism of solving them. Then — a new start”.

Thirdly, “that was the Roman Empire came close to the manufactory mode of production, but are unable to overcome the ancient contradiction of the psyche between collective labour and individual freedom, but because the solution was found in a thousand years of dark Ages, creating within it the germ of a new civilization — free cities with an entirely different organization of the psyche of their inhabitants, and then came the Renaissance and began the start of modern civilization. Which today has exhausted all sources of not only their growth but also of development and sustainability. It comes to the new middle Ages. Return from class society free sale of their labor to a caste society with rigid stratification based on the idea of service and the functional responsibilities of each class (or caste)”.

Fourth, the West came to “existential impasse, which has only one exit — back. But in order to go back… you need to destroy the current present. With its freedoms, social guarantees, quality of life, democracy, and universal equality (though in many respects declarative). Before global destruction of the old world the best tool was the war. But today it is not the best way — the selectivity and the totality of modern means of destruction creates too high risks that cannot be controlled. Global epidemic — the same war. But instead of thermonuclear attacks on the cities, incinerating the living and nonliving, a virus becomes a kind of analogue of the neutron bomb that kills organic matter, but leaves tangible assets. Moreover, the epidemic is not necessarily to kill as many people as the neutron bomb — it is enough to indicate the threat of mass death. And then the surviving people will agree to a significant loss in rights.”

And fifth, “how many generations will it take to understand a new way and start moving in his direction, who knows. Maybe three to five generations. Maybe ten or twenty. Have serious problems and the timing of the decision too serious.”

Preliminary conclusions about the theoretical and logical “ambush” Nesmeyana.

The first conclusion obviously follows from the cited text, is that the subject of the history of Anatolia Nesmeyana (as for his teacher, S. B. Pereslegin) — it’s not even actually “elite”, and not even dominant over the world “elite”, but it is managing the functioning of the system (operation world) “elite”. In other words, it is nothing but that part of the “global elites”, which actually performs the public functions of a “world government”.

Throughout the following, the author of this article says about the views Nesmeyana published, regarding the idea of “ruling the world of the global elite” in terms of transformation of the world and of humanity itself, as well as about the actual content of these representations Nesmeyana marked them on the subject.

What are the actual projects implemented by “ruling the world elite” — this Nesmiyan in fact not said a word — no own research of such projects and their plan, if any, Nesmiyan failed, nor gave Nesmiyan links to their research by other persons. And therefore in part related to written by Nesmeyana, we can go further and really is only about the views Nesmeyana of the substance and content of project plans of “ruling the world elite.”

But since Nesmiyan is expressed by the terminology of systems theory, to the extent of “world government” it does not, and speaks only about the management system and (system) operation, which is the subject of management (the managing elite) and a control object (the system, that is the world or mankind).

However, further Nesmiyan makes theoretical and logical “ambush”, which he has actually prigotovil himself, as well as its readers. Old Ages in reality it was a transition of only a single West from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and New time. That is, this “system” was not originally encompassed all of humanity, the whole world, but just part of it. And now we are talking about all humanity, not one the West.

Therefore, transformation of the system (all mankind), its subsystem (West) in modern system (modern world), as well as the quality of the state (with all characteristics) of the organic integrity of the system (the whole modern world, modern humanity) as a historical and logical link Nesmeyana discarded as either not existing, or as violating the logic of the whole concept “Pereslegina-Nesmejana”.

And (here the second “ambush”) is not “elite”, actually the Roman Empire “ruled” by the West as a system in its (the West) the transition to the New West during the middle Ages. But not “elite barbarians” (whether the Franks or the Anglo-Saxons, not to mention the Huns and other tribes who migrated from the East) “managed” this transition of the West as a system from one qualitative state (the Roman Empire) to another qualitative state (New Roman Empire).

The “elite” New Roman Empire arose in this process as one of its social outcomes, which then became the social condition of reproduction of all New West, etc. by the Way, about the historical fact that the current “elite” of the West, the dominant component of the framework, if not most, of all the “global elites” are very well aware of the historical science of the New West.

However (and this is the third “ambush”) of the actual development Nesmiyan after Pereslegin not know and can not know, because do not know the whole science of the West (Old and New). And systems theory is not an exception to all this science of the West. The development is inevitably replaced by functioning as a change of qualitative States of the same organism from its birth to death within unchanged from a century of universal metabolism of the body of nature (the Universe).

Different civilizational and cultural distinct parts of humanity here are essentially the same organisms, each of which “evolves” from its inception until his death, but all this “development” each time is nothing more than the functioning of the same body.

Hence, the inevitable consequence is the idea of the immutability of the laws of “development”, but in reality the immutability of the laws of functioning of the body according to the unchanging nature of this organism. The consequence of this at the dawn of the economic social formation (at the dawn of the emergence of mytho-logo as such, that is, at the dawn of the emergence of ideology as such) and since is a precondition of any ideology, as well, and all due to a particular ideology, thinking.

In accordance with the scheme of the story, which is approved by the science of the West, it follows, that as after Old Rome followed by the middle Ages, and after New Rome will inevitably be followed by a New middle Ages. But the New middle Ages, in the same way as the Old, will arise to him, in turn, arose what would be the equivalent of the Old Rome, but on a new higher stage of development (scheme of historical science of the West, associated with the logical scheme of Hegel). It is nothing but the same scheme “butterfly — caterpillar — pupa — butterfly — caterpillar…”

The insoluble contradiction of the concept Nesmeyana.

Here, however, reveals irresolvable internal contradiction of all this, like any other, build, current and future of “history” on the basis of not only systems theory but also on the basis of all science of the West (and East too). The West as a body (as system) was born, functioned until his old age and died. He was replaced by a New West, which as the organism (as a system) too was born and functioned until his old age and is now dying.

But the New West was originally born from the Great migration of peoples in the Old world (New Light to these civilizations was still unknown) and appeared (as the new West, that is, as revived in the West) in order to subjugate all mankind and to transform it in his image and likeness. Without this (without the subordination and transformation of all humanity) of the New West is not exactly the same as the Old West was not without submission to it, the whole civilized world (the barbarians was not by definition).

New West, subjugating and transforming all of humanity, that is, New West, turning all of humanity into an organic moments itself as a system (as an organism), thereby already is a universal organism, integrating not just an isolated part of humanity, but all humanity in its whole. And it is this organized and driven West universal body of all of humanity dies now.

But what the new body of humanity is born now, going in place of the dying now to the universal body of all mankind? To answer this question, while remaining within the framework of the science of the West, it is impossible in principle, because the answer to this question this science can not be — he excluded mytho-logo on which rests the science of the West.

Biological, historical and social science of the West shows, the new body that came to replace the dying body, always is born and nurtured out of the dying body, comes in his place and converts its vital functions the this place, as well as everything inherited by the new organism from the dying and dead body. However, inherited the new body is not all from the dying of the old, but only what is necessary for life (functioning in order to “growth and development”) as a body.

And not “head” (“control circuit” or “elite”) dying of the body controls the process of “growth and functioning,” he that comes to replace him a new body. Always a private “head” (“control circuit” or “elite”) any organism controls the process of its “growth and functioning”.

The science of the West has no historical precedent and lacks theoretical models, especially almost proven, natural spawning (creating) a new public body the dying social body in its entirety. Don’t know the science, precedent, and does not have a theoretical model of the generation of new social organism of any one part of the dying social organism. No alien or supernatural intervention is impossible.

Is it an absolute dead end?

From the point of view of science is a dead end, theoretically indicating a wrong formulation of the original hypothesis. But she made Nesmeyana not as hypothesis, but as not subject to doubt summary of the substance of the project of reconstruction of the world, in fact, implemented a “global elite” at the present time.

Moreover, many individuals, including those with scientific degrees and a high position in the “elite” assesses what is happening, if not identical, similar and very close like this summary, published by Nesmeyana.

So, we are dealing not with a single private opinion, but quite common in the public space phenomenon public consciousness. This alone is itself evidence in favor of this view is expressed something very significant, not only in reality but also plays an important role in all social practice.

Let’s try to further understand what is actually going on.

Of the history of Judaism and in the history of the United States, Russia, China and Turkey.

Public practice of the West the well-known principle of reproduction of parasitic social organisms, which amounts to the “replacement head” (“elite”) nursing social organism “head” (“elite”) parasitic on a public body, who only allows the public body to the parasite to efficiently exploit its nursing social organism.

But for this, first, by the next parasitic social organism must be not only available, but also have the necessary ideology, personnel etc. (“the Book of Esther in the historical and prophetic books of the Hebrew Scriptures — just this principle and most effective way of its successful implementation).

And, second, feeding the public body should arise and exist as such to the organism-the parasite might “replace” its “head” (“elite”). Parasite because by its very nature never creates (does not create), and not breastfeeding can create his public body.

The science of the West well known also in the case of the creation of the social organism “from nothing” — or rather more precisely not “natural” by his birth, and “artificial” (from drevnerusskogo “of techne“) by its production (creation) of the fragments of different tribes. It is therefore itself a public body resulting from such “artificial” (“social technology”) production, never referred to “people” but always called “non-people”, as enshrined by the creed laid in the Foundation of his entire ideology and all its subsequent reproduction.

We are talking about the case, which is described in the Torah as God-given creed, and from which there was Judaism and Judaism (“Judaism”). However, this is exceptional and, most importantly, a supernatural event, so he could be organically included in the theory of systems in the list of laws “of systems development”.

But there are four historical examples of “artificial” creation of the social organism — two Western and two Eastern.

No doubt the US is “artificially” created by the public body, and this is the first Western examples. And what second example? It’s — Russia-USSR, that is Russia Romanesque, developed in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Both examples of the subjects who created and created the “artificial” public body undoubtedly belong to the West in General and connected with the special role of Judaism in their creation and management, in particular.

But Russia, the Soviet Union moreover, in contrast to the United States, it is also an example of the creation of the social organism Chimera, that is an example of parasitism of a single social organism on the other — it nursing — social organism.

In the “infantile disorder “of leftism”…” Ulyanov (Lenin) drew attention to the fact that Russia is demonstrating to the humanity something very important of his (human) not so distant future…

And what examples are there in the East? First of all, this is China in General and China in particular. The ideology and practice of Confucianism lay and still lies at the basis of reproduction, first of all, the “ruling elite” of China. But Confucianism is the basis not only of this, not only the basis for the dominant Chinese ideology, but also in the practical relation to the person in China in General, and, therefore, and the basis of all things historically former and now of the relations of production in China.

In the East there is another example — Turkey or rather the Ottoman (Ottoman) Empire turned into Turkey as well as Russia (Roman Empire) became the USSR. Both of these process of transformation was parallel and almost synchronously, and both represent the same type of capitalist development in the East, although in different social and geographical conditions.

But since the Ottoman Empire — Turkey has long been integrated by the West as your time, to the extent that historical experience for the most part has lost its practical value for “ruling the world elite” from the point of view of designing and construction of its future, unless, of course, Nesmiyan after Pereslegin reflect the actual strategic intentions of “ruling the world elite.”

The “ruling elite” of China remains essentially Confucian (although this is modified by Maoism and Confucianism, but it is Confucianism), that is ideologically alien “world ruling elites” of the West. To replace this “head” of China requires time, for although such a replacement is, but it is still far from complete. In addition, China, as shown by the last decade, neither materially nor ideologically ready to become a global hegemon instead of the United States.

But the instrument, and the most important instrument, the part of the “world ruling elites” of the West, which competes with “elite” ruling the US for dominance in the global international corporations are financial capitalists, under certain conditions, China could well become.

As for the USA, its “elite” is historically divided into two parts. One part is the integral organic member of that part of the “world ruling elites” that is implied in “investment (merchant) bankers” in General and London in particular. This part of the “elite” of the West in the U.S. are politically organized as the establishment “of the Democratic party of the United States.” Another part of the “elite of the West”, being politically organized within the United States as “the Republican party of the United States,” historically competes not only with “Democratic party” inside of US, but as with the London all over the world.

Between these two parts of the “world ruling elites” of the West originally was and to this day there is a competition on how they should be arranged in the centre of a single global world — as the New Israel (Britain) or as a New Rome (USA) in the first place. And therefore, secondly, on how they should be arranged in the entire global world as a set of formally independent public organisms of colonies (neo-colonies), nursing metropolis, or as formally Autonomous neo-New province of the Roman Empire.

As for Russia, the Soviet Union, both parts of this “world ruling elites” of the West used Russia, the Soviet Union solely and only as a temporary weapon first to eliminate Napoleonic France and the German Reich as a threat to the global dominance of the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West.

Simultaneously, Russia and the Soviet Union was also used as a historical landfill long-term natural experiment not only in terms of social technologies for the creation and reproduction of state-chimeras, but also in terms of organization of social reproduction in the form of a reproduction of the extremely centralized financial capital.

And finally, the Soviet Union was used together with China as counterweights to each other for the purposes of deterrence and containment in its strategic subordination.

After the collapse of the USSR it ineffective splinter under the name of Russia is considered by both parts of the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West not more than as a resource, firstly, and likely a temporary weapon in their domestic competition, and secondly.

However, the Russian Federation poses a potential threat not only due to the heterogeneity of its “ruling elite” in it (this “elite”) social origin and status, but also by the public to the nature and character of the Russian people.

And if the “ruling elite” of the Russian Federation can be replaced, but with the Russian people there is a problem that, from the point of view of the interests of the “global elite” can be removed only by destruction as a nation.

And therefore, thirdly, from the point of view of the interests of the whole Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West of the Russian Federation as a single social organism is subject to cancellation, and Russian people — genocide and scattering is exactly the same as it was produced in relation to the USSR.

Of all the “elite” of Russia-USSR-CIS practical interest for the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West, due to its needs, are only the carriers of the experience of “artificial” creation of nursing and social organisms. Mostly only they, ultimately, will be incorporated into the “socio-technological” services serving “ruling the world elite” of the West.

Very honored to the West the representatives of the former “elite” of the USSR-CIS in some cases, at first, may be incorporated into the administrative structures that govern the natives in the interests of global world. All the other members of the former elite of the former Soviet Union pose a danger as potential organizers of resistance to the reconstruction necessitated by the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West.

However, the experience of creation and the historical existence of Russia, the USSR and China, and especially of the Ottoman Empire — Turkey, do not go to any comparison with the experience of “artificial” creation of Israel and the historical reproduction of Judaism and of Judaism.

Only the experience of Israel-Judaism-Judaism to the Judaeo-Anglo-Saxon elite of the West, no doubt, historically successful, while the first three have historically turned out to be not independent and not wealthy, and they are all for the elite of the West ideologically, or not quite suitable, or not suitable.

Ideology and method of resolving contradictions in the concept Nesmeyana.

Returning now to the issue of a new public body, which according to the ideas Nesmeyana (this seems to be borrowed from Nesmeyana Pereslegina), will replace the now dying public body of all mankind, the current “ruling the world elite” there is no other way to stay “the ruling elite of mankind,” but becoming the “head” of this new social organism.

That is the only way for “global elites” to be themselves — to turn into a parasitic social organism, effectively by the principle of “replacement heads” nursing social organism.

However, this new nursing social organism of humanity, which should replace the existing, but dying (or destroy them) the public organism of humanity, according to their science, it is humanity generated can not be.

Therefore, feeding this public body of humanity must be created socio-technologically, that is produced “artificially”.

Under management of “world ruling elites” through the use of social technologies current humanity must be converted to a public body, nursing modern “ruling the world elite”, simultaneously with this process, its course and outcome into the public body of the parasite.

Thus, A. Nesmiyan, following his master S. B. Pereslegin really says about the historical inevitability of scientific regularity and validity of neither more nor less, but here’s why:

they qualify so the transformation of “ruling the world elite of” the both and “God-Demiurge” (the Creator) of the New Israel instead of all mankind, and in the “Parasite gods”, which is not able to exist even without this “New Israel”, nor without parasitism in this “New Israel”.

Such an inconspicuous way to claim “world ruling elites” to become and be is God as God is for all humankind – over all the gods of mankind and instead of the gods gets not only the “scientific justification”, but also the masses as a historically natural and inevitable fate of all mankind.

However, we have no basis for conclusions about how intentionally this is done by Nesmeyana and especially Pereslegin, or is it done by them without any intent as a result of their ignorance of what is happening in the first place.

And this is done by them due to their blind belief in the truth of bourgeois science (science of the West) as such, because no other science they do not know, or is done pursuant to certain of his mission, secondly.

Similarly, we can say nothing about what determined them such a mission, if we are talking about her performance of them, in the third.

But what is it and how is the place to be with yourself Nesmeyana (and Pereslegina) — this is a personal matter of Nesmejana (Pereslegina) and his family, and all those persons, the authority to whom they are both.

However, all that concerns the impact Nesmeyana and his teacher Pereslegina on the formation of ideological and, especially, practical relationship of the masses to what is happening inside Russia, in every country and throughout the world as a whole — it is not someone’s private business, but public business of all mankind.

Despite the ideological conditionality and certainty in the views, publicly stated and promoted by Nesmeyana in the calculation for an unlimited circle of persons, the actual contents of these views regarding the “ruling world elites” of the West, briefly exposed in this article is consistent with all that said it (this article) the author in all the articles the last 8 years.

And that only highlights the urgent need of humanity in a genuinely proletarian revolutionary science that adequately reflects the world and its processes, as well as giving the tools necessary to organize and carry out public practice, providing a transition from the realm of the animal to the limited human realm of authentic human freedom. This is the first.

And, second, it emphasizes the accuracy of the estimation, given Ulyanov (Lenin): people are and always will be foolish victims of deception and self-deception, if for all explanations, slogans and appeals, no matter how they are “justified” by science, common sense or “obvious facts,” they learn to see the interests of specific social classes and their parts.

Vasiliev Vladimir, 24 Mar 2020.

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