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“Where’s grandma?.. I’m for it!” Review of the film “Reincarnation”

After the death of Ellen, the matriarch of a family of Grahams, her daughter will have to unravel a mysterious and even dreadful secrets of his ancestry. What is this sinister fate, they all inherited?

The subject of mystical supernatural forces in recent years has become quite slippery and difficult, because after running franchises “Astral” and “Curse” to say something new is difficult, if not impossible. Scheme of the preparation hits from action and horror worked out and ustranena, as itemized, the action predictable, and in a year we are waiting for another series spin-off… unless, of course, the original was released in cash.

The more interesting against the background of these circumstances, the emergence of an independent “Reincarnation” (Hereditary), and successfully lit up in the midnight program of the Sundance film festival, earning positive reviews from critics and purchased a rental in many countries, including Russia. What is remarkable about this picture, who is behind its production and whether it really so as good as it’s described? “Zone horror” went on a press preview and tried to understand the situation.

Perhaps the first thing is to start a conversation is the mention of Studio A24, behind production of the film. Another five or six years ago, this brand is a little what he was talking about ordinary moviegoers, but today her work is widely sought after for festivals, from year to year have the ear of critics and one by one become a cult phenomena among very different audiences. In fact, the Oscar-winning “Moonlight” appeared with their submission. And for fans of the horror is first and foremost a “Witch” (best Director, Sundance 2015), “Human Swiss army knife” (best Director, Sundance 2016) and “It comes at night” last year. Movies are quite different, but one thing unites them – quality work of all members of the crew and genre eclecticism, integrating many third-party elements that are not typical for horror, but organically woven into the General idea by talented enthusiasts.

And now – “Reincarnation”. Another ordinary film about the family curse… or not so common?

As in the case of “Witch”, “Human Swiss army knife” and “It comes at night” “Reincarnation” is difficult to attribute to any particular genre category and give it a clear assessment. Yes, this is a story about supernatural forces, but it is also something more – a family drama with brilliant camera work, superior acting and ambitious production directed by debutant Ari Astaire. It invested enough forces and talent to inner critic standing ovation, and the picture would become a cultural phenomenon not only in the world of horror films, but for the simple viewer. As they say, the quality of movie has never been a negative indicator. Here it is in every frame, every sound and every scene. If you like cinema as an art form… no, not even that – the Cinema as an Art form! “Reincarnation” is not to be missed in any case – the second film will be removed soon.

But Hey, we love a horror for horror component? How about her?

And here is the difficult question. On one side of such tape does not hold, and that neither the scene, the constant voltage somewhere dark forces, and they feel not only you, but crispy popcorn neighbor in the seat in the cinema – sometimes the popcorn stops crunching for a long time. But it is true and the other decorated with creative decor, beautifully filmed scenes and the Stanislavsky acting is often directed far more spectacular of the game and the desire to make a film so that after watching from the audience it would be possible to make a small brick factory. Plus or minus – the question is subjective, there is no single answer, and if that “Witch” was able to put the stigma of “ahorrar”, then wait, whether still will be “Reincarnation”!

And yet, if it is compared with “the Exorcist”, then it needs to be? And they really are – in some scenes the picture can compete with the iconic laurels of the tape William Friedkin and take its place in the collection of fans. For the great grim, atmospheric soundtrack and – by God! one of the most horrible and tripomatic girls in the history of horror films. No, seriously, she doesn’t even have to turn his head and move around the spider gait to scare anybody. Get all the credit to the actress Milly Shapiro.

Then a natural question – and whether the “Reincarnation” flaws?

Unfortunately, not without cost (unless, of course, focus on family drama and acting for you in itself is not a flaw). In the first place is kuceviste dialogues, Estrada a bunch of excess parts, at times converting live images into a caricature of cardboard. Among the striking examples include the heroine Toni Colette, which in the story, not only half of the family died under mysterious circumstances, but she is – attention! – a lunatic with constant bouts of hallucinations and confusing psychological complexes in relation to their children. Why in this case we are talking about the dialogues? Yes, because that’s where we all find out. In the forehead. Like many other crazy and unlikely of details.

Still, it is perhaps worth noting some tightness of the film. Of course, it permeates the history of the spirit of the old school, where long-term immersion in the events is a mandatory attribute of a shock climax (which is here), but compared to the aforementioned dynamic “Astrals” and “Spells” it looks very old fashioned and have to taste is not for everyone.

And yet, if to summarize the experience and to summarize what they saw and meaningful, “Reincarnation” deservedly gets: 7-8 points out of 10. This is one of those rare films that leave contradictory impressions, but which I want to talk a lot or say nothing. Original works of authorship – they are. See a time – will want to review again.

And as a bonus a few photos from the press preview, where in addition to the correspondent of “Zone of horror” was visited by the editor-friendly news site “Russo Rosso” Denis Saltykov , representatives of local chinkororo: Director Eugene Koledintseva and producer Vladislav Severtsev.

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