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“Where’s belly button?”: bloggers harshly ridiculed Tina Kandelaki for photoshop inept

Tina Kandelaki regularly visits the gym, however, apparently the desired result the star has so far failed to achieve. Tina decided to share a photo with workouts by posting selfies to Instagram.

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Publication from Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki) Mar 4 2017 1:57 PST

Kandelaki decided to embellish their results with the help of photoshop, but became interested in the process: in the picture she had no belly button! Of course, this fact couldn’t get past bloggers. Subscribers bombarded the star with sarcastic remarks, raising her laughter: “where’s the navel? The press showed up, and belly button gone… It’s all wrong?”, “Tina, can you teach how to use photoshop! Really funny photo turned out…” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed.).

However, fans of Tina noticed that and so it looks great and it there is no need to use photoshop at all.

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