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Where you can relax in the summer.

 Где можно отдохнуть летом при минимальном бюджетеDifferent vacation rentals.

Journalists tried to find out whether it is possible to inexpensively relax this summer, and tried to accommodate travelers with food and accommodation and travel, comfort and even the sea in the budget of 10 thousand hryvnias.

At the start of the search with optimism abroad. To save, you need to plan in advance. Or to be ready to fly at lunch break at the lastminute.

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations. Ukrainians accepted even by ID-card, replacing passport. To fly a family of three in Marmaris for a week’s worth of 13 thousand hryvnias together with the food. But this is a promotional tour.

“Burning” Egypt – from 16 thousand for three. The same week in Sunny beach in Bulgaria. It is more expensive than planned. So back to their homes.

Little money, but the thought of the sea does not let go. Looking for happiness in Zatoka. Now this is one of the favorite resorts of the Ukrainians.

Today on the beaches you can still find a place and a shortage of budget accommodation. Valentina from the house to the sea 5 minutes walk. The triple room in the height of summer it rents for 450 UAH. Hot water shower and toilet on the floor.

For those who want to live right on the beach there are also options. But for fun first to take a seat near the water need to pay. House on three 600 hryvnia per day. And convenience on the street nearby.

The hotel room is on the first line plus three for Breakfast – two days in the beach house – 1150 UAH.

The room has absolutely everything – a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator. Hairdryer, additionally we can provide an iron and a kettle. Each room has a balcony. From the balcony guests can enjoy views of the pool and the Black sea.

Food prices, too, in anticipation of the start of the season. Although it is possible they will not grow (last year lunch cost 60 -70 UAH).

Not expensive, most likely, and beach activities.

5 minutes on the scooter is approximately 350 UAH, banana – somewhere UAH 150 per person.

But nobody wants to ride not find. Water – 16 degrees. But the warmer it becomes, the less tickets in the railway ticket office.

The cheapest train ticket Kiev – Odessa – 130 hryvnia. Will have to spend almost 10 hours. For a speedy – 7 and 260 UAH. But from Kharkov, for example, a direct train to Odessa gets 13 hours. Second-class ticket is about 150 hryvnias, the compartment is about five hundred. The road to Odessa from Lviv is 12 hours. 140 USD – reserved seats and the 200 coupe. Until from Odessa to Zatoka train or bus. 50 hryvnia, and here it is – the sea.

Who are tired to look for a place on the beach – beauty of the mountains.

The owner of the arcade in Yaremche convinced, for 10 Grand you can get a good service.

According to him, the triple room will cost 400 UAH. Transfers, meals and entertainment for a fee, but all within budget.

200 hryvnia per person homemade Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can afford and a restaurant.

Total three week vacation in the mountains – 7 thousand hryvnias. It is possible and cheaper. Family Savchuk, for example, ready to make room in your home for 80 hryvnia per person. For our dear guests did not mind. It turns out – 1680 with the whole family for a week. And, you can use the host’s kitchen. And the view here is not worse than the hotel.

On entertainment, way, too you can save. The rise on Goverlu – free, like swimming in mountain rivers. A 100 hryvnia a local guide into the mountains will hold the best winemakers advise.

Get to Yaremche easier to get from Ivano-Frankivsk. Hour trip by bus or train 60 UAH max.

But to Ivano-Frankivsk from Kiev cheaper to reach by train, about 8 hours. 145 hryvnia – second-class ticket, 240 – place in the compartment. From Kharkov – only with a stopover in Kiev. Is plus 5 hours and a minimum of 200 hryvnia. From the Dnieper to Ivano-Frankivsk is also a transfer in the capital. At least 400 hryvnias.

To take his family to the cottage in the suburbs – seems to be the most inexpensive option.

If no – can be rented. For example, near Kiev videobetty this option with facilities on the street, but in harmony with nature will cost 6 thousand a month. If we want harmony and comfort, you will have to pay at least 10 thousand hryvnia.

Sentences hundreds. From huts to luxurious villas. Per month rent this house in Koncha-Zaspa please 104 thousand hryvnias. The construction here is tight, but stellar. Near dacha of Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, Volodymyr Lytvyn, Yulia Tymoshenko.

To settle here is considered particularly chic in Soviet times. However, chic budget does not happen.

There is also an option especially for those looking for simple country pleasures. Month lease a traditional hut in 100 kilometers from Kiev will cost 2 and a half thousand hryvnia. The price includes fishing, Hiking for mushrooms and a special bonus for residents of stone jungle – weeding beds.

Fresh milk, cheese and eggs can be bought from neighbors. At the end of the garden the stream with the beavers. Beauty. Only here shower / toilet on the street.

If the battle for tickets to the sea is lost, no money to go on vacation, and thoughts of vacation interfere with the service of your old recreation. These are everywhere outside of town. Although they are more old than good. The decor is Spartan, so available.

But in nature – in the woods near the river. For a more demanding public – houses luxury.

Superior house is double cost 400 hryvnia. If you enter more people – is equipped with a trundle bed.

In General, with a budget of 10 thousand hryvnias it is possible to find a place under the sun. Expensive and crowded – by the sea. Cheaper and safer – in the village or in the mountains. Wherever foot may tread man, the main conditions for recreation – a change of scenery and good mood.

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