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Where will be moving to the past or to the future?

Куда двигаться будем — в прошлое или в будущее?

There is no perfection in the world. Everything flows, as noted by one observant friend, everything changes.

Take, for example, yourself. Living like this, interested in news as much as react to their surroundings, comment on different social and political events feel like they say in the trend. But sometimes I look in the Internet, and there’s gigabytes, battles, punchline, bitcoins, and you appear of the feeling of antiquity, like you came here from the past world.

Head more, TV will turn, and in it Mr Baptist, clamps, a special way, the song and dance ensemble Babkina, Russia is Putin, and even in the ring of enemies. You, on the contrary, if we look into the deep past.

And where do you move to the past or the future depends on what the goal itself put that reference choose.

We and the country and the people are the same! Can not, without great guidance. Without them walk in a circle begin or the booze flow. The goal should be always. Close and clear. But elusive. Then her little hands to pull and move that way.

Here first, in 1917, the landmark correctly formulated. Well, about the development of socialism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work”. Here industry giant steps went, and science bloomed, and about cultural things and say nothing. However, the development of abilities to work among the population of the state strongly stimulated. Especially in the 30-ies.

But then I found a nerd. Socialism, comrades, we said, built and now proceed to the construction of communism in the 80-ies will live in it. Well, once built, and up to 80, still far away, the population and the table immediately…

And communism didn’t work, because nobody understood. Very vague: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. As it is — to each according to his needs? Don’t arrest me, so I with their abilities and needs without communism quickly though all stand. Not the people believed in communism, that’s a bummer in 70 years and happened.

The same mistakes the Kremlin and now does. No specifics. Vladimir Putin issued the may decree prescribes the growth of labor productivity not less than 5% per year to 2024, Russia, as a bayonet was stuck in the five largest economies in the world. Why such zeal in the performance of the Russians develop? Well, of course, they are aware of their personal responsibility for the welfare of loved ones to the body of the President of the oligarchs, but not enough cores to vomit! Therefore, it is impossible neither breakthrough nor break.

I’m still determined to get started: where to go will be the past or the future. And along with the advanced part of the world, or alone against.

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