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…where We are not – there is bad?

…где Нас нет – там плохо?

This magnificent pearl Of.. Chuvakin from the group “Leningrad” reminded me of “how the steel was tempered”

So in 1948 The strongest religious feeling, as mine, and my friends, was the Love of comrade Stalin, of Soviet patriotism and collectivism. Any person was estimated by us in the first place, the alternative to the “Our – Not ours”. The category of “Not our” attitude of the bourgeois, white, German, parasites, spies and their analogues. “Our” proletarians of all countries, the Soviet army and the scouts.

Not our” bad “Our” – good.

“In the struggle for the cause of Lenin and Stalin be ready!” – “Always ready!” – genuinely happy we.

Any deviation from this Holy Orthodoxy was regarded as Treacherous.

It seemed obvious that, if necessary, of course, to die for the sanctity or the expansion of the boundaries of the homeland. Many of my friends of that time, even wanted to die under the torture of the Enemy. The question of whether such a choice is not compromised, it was seriously discussed and approved the collective opinion – who can withstand torture the enemy and who is not.

For us was not anecdotal, but the true heroes of the movie scouts, the partisans, Parkhomenko, Chapaev…

Abroad knew that there

– dream attack the USSR, which immensely arm

– oppress blacks,

– special half-starved workers beaten with batons,

products do not sell as expected – in shopping bags, but to tear off with three skins of the worker in expensive packages

– evil laughing at the feeding of the poor, snails, frogs,or live oysters,

– poor women are forced to be photographed half-naked for the pleasure of perverted bourgeoisie.

But although he was sure that the landlords abroad soon expelled the farmers under the active leadership of the Communists, the most fertile imagination, none of us lacked imagination about the possibility of Anschluss to Europe.

Virtues: Friendship, Love, Honesty was of a lower rank of Patriotism, but such categories as Honor, Nobility, Integrity seemed suspect, and some not Ours, although of course in a friendly relationship intuitively appreciated.

What now?

In fact anything has changed?


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