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Where to go unemployed

Куда податься потерявшим работу

What is now demanded of the profession can quickly and remotely to learn the people that have been reduced or dismissed in coronaries, experts argue.

Crisis, reeling from a pandemic coronavirus infection, left without work, hundreds of thousands of Russians. The question of where today earn their daily bread, is relevant for all larger numbers of our fellow citizens. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to analysts now employers in almost all regions, the main demand is for workers in sales — almost a third of the total number of vacancies open in may. Need people for production, IT and telecommunications — 11% of vacancies in each branch. There is work in the construction and real estate, transport and logistics. Working profession — 9% of all new jobs.

“Completing the top ten leaders on the number of posted job offers protoplast such as accounting, marketing, advertising and PR — 7%,” — said “Rosbaltu” the head of the press service in the Northwest Irina Rilnikova.

However, only 28% of all vacancies are available to candidates without relevant work experience. Others require professional knowledge and competencies, or basic skills and certain soft skills.

According to may, most of the vacancies that do not require experience and special knowledge in the field of sales. Almost 40% of cases are looking for candidates without the relevant experience. Most actively recruit in the retail sale of food and everyday products. It requires sellers, merchandisers, loaders-pickers and laborers. Companies from different industries are looking for sales managers and working with clients — people who can bring business of “fast money.”

A quarter of vacancies for people with no experience are students and aspiring professionals. In the third place, the demand for “newcomers”: the employees of contact centers, couriers, technical support team, secretaries, personal assistants, administrators, clerks. About 10% of the vacancies are in “working hands” — pickers, packers-packers, movers, packers, machine operators, assemblers, janitors. In the field of transport and logistics without experience you can get warehouse worker or driver, including driver or a driver-courier.

In IT to get a job without experience is possible unless a sales Manager for specialized services. Having mastered the basic courses, it is possible to place a tester. But such jobs are not to say that a lot.

In the field of marketing looking for marketers, analysts. However, here, too, employers are not always willing to take newcomers. In this area, as a rule, not only certain knowledge but also personal qualities of the candidates.

“The restaurant business is gaining kitchen staff, in medicine, a growing number of vacancies for doctors, paramedics, nurses, and in the production of not enough engineers and skilled workers who are willing to teach directly to enterprises,” said Ilnikova.

In some professions in April and may, the demand for workers without experience have increased significantly compared with March. The number of job offers for warehouse staff/operators increased by 142%, the third increase in the demand for sellers-cashiers and drivers on a quarter — on sales.

“The excitement around couriers, in contrast, had been asleep over the past month and a half it was open as many vacancies as in March”, — said the interlocutor of “Rosbalt”.

“As for wages, a labourer, pavers and packers, to the sales staff without experience in April—may on average offer of 40 thousand rubles, drivers — 41,5 thousand roubles. Significantly lower salary bracket for couriers — an average of 35 thousand rubles, warehousemen and packers — 30 thousand rubles, operators of contact centers — 25 thousand rubles, sellers-cashiers — 24 thousand rubles and merchandisers — 23 thousand roubles. On the other hand, the situation in the regions with salaries can be very different. For example, in St. Petersburg couriers offer an average of 42.5 thousand rubles”, — said Ilnikova.

It is not excluded that remaining unemployed Russians will take the place of workers. “The history of epidemic swept from the labour market most migrants. It can be assumed that in those industries where coronavirus worked mostly migrant workers, the demand for domestic workers, as is already happening in the United States,” — said the Deputy Director of the Centre for labour market studies HSE Rostislav Kapelyushnikov.

Universal advice for those who remained in this difficult time without work, can not be. However, before enrolling in the now popular online courses, especially, it is best to check if there are any in this area now work, and what are the requirements for candidates.


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