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Where Russia is heading…

Куда катится Россия…

…if the Chairman of the State Duma in the head porridge.

On the official website of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin performance during the Christmas parliamentary meetings were identified as a new philosophy of communication with young people.

If the essence of the philosophy of the speaker of Parliament made in the title: “youth can not talk top to bottom, but only on equal terms”, this argument is as old as the world.

Maybe this thoughts of the Chairman of the original: “the Fate of Russia, its place in the world, and therefore the future of tomorrow will depend on those who are finishing schools and universities, mastering the basics of production and management”?

Concludes Volodin this gem:

“Our task, colleagues, see, on the one hand, to create conditions for free self-realization of young. On the other, to convey to young people that our ancestors were passed from generation to generation and treasured the love for the Motherland. The willingness to defend and do everything for its development”.

The idea with mind proper, and in fact — the mess, have no relation to philosophy, involves “a comprehensive rational understanding of the world and human existence in it.”

The speaker has some fragmentary, fragmentary “understanding of the world and human existence in it”, which originated from the logical paradox associated with the neglect of historical basis.

Where is the neglect?

From the gaps in historical education, coming from imperfections and, as a consequence, the bias of the modern historical discipline? Or from the basic historical Orthodoxy, which is still hammered into the heads of the younger generation in schools and universities?

Leave aside the diagnosis, and deal with the mess.

Why and for what ancestors loved their Homeland? It is not at the empty place she had grandfathers and great grandfathers? Something woke and raised it high feeling in the hearts of our ancestors. About it the speaker of a word. And it is the very corner-stone on which rests the whole design of “love of country”.

And this corner-stone — history. The history of the people. The history of the land on which people live. And it is in Russian, gosudarstvennoye of the people of Russia, the, without exaggeration, an ancient and majestic. Russian history comes from the ancient people of the land Orian, then — arias, Rus, Rus… in the past, yesterday and today on earth there are and have that irrefutable evidence.

But let us return to the construction of “love of country”. If people, people well known for his genuine, undistorted and not perverted history of the Motherland, then they have a tangible object of love. And the fact that the person likes, it’s all available forces and capabilities protect. Protects, as we sometimes say, to the last breath, to the last drop of blood. And creates a natural sustainable design and filled with the everlasting experience of our ancestors philosophy.

And costs of this construction, to remove, to isolate just one element — the historical truth, and a strong stable structure turns into a mess.

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