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Where in Europe the most clean beaches. Photo

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. ФотоMost of the beaches of Cyprus, Croatia, Malta and Greece is recognized as the best and, most importantly, environmentally friendly in Europe.

A list that contains the most clean beaches of Europe published by the European environment Agency and the European Commission. If you’re wondering where to go to rest without visas in Europe, this rating will be useful.

To note, 11 Jun 2017 gained visa-free regime with EU for Ukraine. For the first day without a visa, crossed the border about 2 thousand Ukrainians.

Overall in the EU – more than 21 thousand officially registered beaches. The rankings experts have taken into account the sea, lake and river.

The most attractive from the point of view of ecology were the coastal waters of Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Austria. Here the level of cleanliness of the beaches is 95-100%.

One of the favorite places of recreation for Ukrainians, although not cheap – Croatia – boasts clean beaches. Here the purity level is 94%.

Environmental the coast is in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Lithuania.

Interestingly, Bulgaria, which also love to go the Ukrainians were in the last five according to the cleanness of beaches. Beside her in the outsiders is United Kingdom, Slovakia and Switzerland (the level of cleanliness – 61-65%). And the dirtiest in Europe beaches in Albania. According to the Commission, only 37% of the local beaches are suitable for swimming.

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. Фото

Review of the cleanest beaches in Europe


Malta, like Cyprus, located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The area of the entire country is only 316 square kilometers. But here you can find everything: colorful Maltese, jousting history, ancient architecture, unusual culture and, of course, seaside resorts. If you are going to Malta for the first time, we will stay in either Bugibba or on the island of Gozo, either in the capital, Valletta.

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. Фото



Cyprus, like Malta is an island state.It’s such a highlight in the middle of the sea. And, consequently, the whole country is a solid resort. Here you can choose anything, and it’s sure to be a good trip.

Note the unpopular direction – Nicosia. It is the capital of Cyprus, but there coexist two people: the ethnic Greeks and Turks. So you can experience two different cultures.

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. Фото

If the story of interest is a bit smaller than the sea, then drive to Larnaca, Ayia NAPA, Larnaca is the most famous resorts in Cyprus. By the way, Ayia NAPA is considered to be the equivalent of Ibiza, here you can learn all the interesting club of Cypriot life.


By the way, in Greece you can combine business with pleasure: at sea to lie, and culture to see. Note the island of Santorini. You will be amazed by these little white houses on the background of the deep blue sea. By the way, I go here often to celebrate weddings. For photos of the bride’s white dress against the background of these romantic landscapes – a memory for life.

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. Фото

The Beaches Of Croatia

Ironically, in Croatia, a large selection of seaside resorts. They are all located on the shores of the Adriatic sea, the same that washes Italy. But this should go not only useful for the sake of air and recreation. Lovers of history and culture just have to find a combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture in Croatia.

Attractive there are also thermal springs. They are good for health. If you urgently need to get your body back in order, go here: here about 20 sources, and besides, there is a medicinal oil (Naftalan). Don’t forget about the famous Croatian lakes – Plitvice lakes national Park. But the desired unity with nature, likely to fail, because not only do you know about the incredible beauty of these places. There are crowds of tourists…

Где в Европе самые чистые пляжи. Фото

In addition to mainland, in Croatia there is a private island, which seasoned travelers will relate to must see. In General, this country belong to 1 of 145 Islands, but is especially recommended to pay attention to Istria, brac, Vis, Korcula and Hvar.

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