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Where does “sovereignty”

Откуда берется «суверенность»

Our government because of their lack of talent are unable to create and provide advanced technologies and high standard of living for all, not just for themselves or for fair and equitable social system, nor to produce samples and standards for the rest — but I really want to be equal with those who can create and provide.

Hence rushing all of our “sovereignty”: “Yes, I’m a thief, losers and stupid — but think of me as an honest, high achievers and intelligent.”

Here, by the way, and bought the thesis that from the point of view of officials and deputies are “buying mind”, as in “the Scarecrow”; the use of Riot police to disperse peaceful demonstrations — there is the presence of “courage” like the “cowardly lion”; and handed out gifts to children and adults during the “straight lines” — there is the presence of “heart” as in “tin man”!


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