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Where are the marriages?

Где заключаются браки?

Recently, to be precise February 15, 2020, the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya on the same page in social network “Vkontakte” I published my thoughts on the concept of family and morality. Consider the same and we this question and analyze this statement. As usual, we will do this using science and numbers.

Read what we broadcasting Ms. Poklonskaya on the page:
“We argue a lot about family, but never figured out what it is? With dense Soviet times had the definition of “unit of society”. From these words blows carcass, as if the voice of the ice crypt…”

Где заключаются браки?

Very strange that Ms. Poklonskaya still don’t understand the concept of “family”. Who is she to argue about this, as well as her disgusted expression “cell of society”? Apparently Ms. Poklonskaya as a real tradicionalista from the cohort of similar modern “patriots” who reveals the whole “abomination” that damn relic of Soviet society in the form of family and marriage. Where marriage and family was not the guise of public prostitution in the “high society”, as it was in the “Holy cloth” and as it is today — rampant corruption, the Mercantile unions, and “selling love”.
In 1884 was published the work of Friedrich Engels “Origin of family, private property and the state”, which demolished not only the concept and the origin of the family, but it also shows a direct correlation from family relationship existing in the society and the property paradigm, from which have followed the formation of the first States. Like many other liberal activists, state Duma Deputy takes people away from the scientific approach, probably because in legal institutions, not students, translating the question into a strange jungle of emotions and propaganda.

“…All now fight over attacks on the family, the monstrous laws that it can destroy. Do you still not understand what the bloody horrors happened in 1917? Then an army of demons and evil spirits have written the death sentence of a great country. Consider Russia put up against the wall the troops of the Bolsheviks and shot it with rifles. The country simply disappeared from the maps…”

That is, again, we hear excuses for the modern bourgeois changes in society and family policy that some “demons” and hordes of “bloody Bolsheviks” were allegedly shot country and erased it from the map.

However, that have appeared in the RI, the country has started to surpass erased all the parameters of family life, fertility, education, population security medical assistance and much more, which when the king’s subjects ordinary people could not even physically get. This is evident from the figures of infant mortality and the incidence of syphilis before the Great October revolution.
Quote: ”According to Rosstat, in the first place in the incidence of syphilis in Russia is Altai (level 100 thous exceeded the average rate by 2.6 times). 2.4 times more suffer from this disease in Amur, Kaluga, Irkutsk, Saratov regions, republics of Tuva, Buryatia and Yakutia. Since the beginning of the year, syphilis has infected more than 6 thousand citizens of the country. In 2017, patients were 15.5 thousand per 100 thousand population, with visitors — 19.5 thousand

Disease, the consequence of sexual promiscuity and illiteracy. The complete collapse of culture. A similar incidence was just before the Revolution of 1905-07. But if the disease was localized in villages, where no one even knew how to read.”

On children: ”Over the years 1880-1916 Excess mortality of children compared sosotavlyaet more than a million children a year. That is, from 1890 to 1914, only because of the incompetent governance in Russia died for no snuff about 25 million children. This population of Poland in those years if it died out completely. If you add to it the adult population who did not live to the average level, the total number will be simply horrifying…
…by the end of 1913 the main indicators of societal well-being, quality of nutrition and health – life expectancy and infant mortality in Russia were at the African level…
..this is the result of the control of the tsarist “Russia which we lost” and so seek to return the Russian rulers in the face of the Supreme official and his tenants: the capitalists, the oligarchs…”

Of course, the lackeys of capital are the “army of demons and evil spirits” are a horror to this day. They are scared to remember that these “demons” were 80% of the population, who did not want to die for the profits of some at the front or in the rear. Because residents are simply thrown out and suppressed their exploiters (parasites), destroyed the country of tyranny and injustice, creating a proletarian state. Besides, it’s not the supporters if Natalia Vladimirovna in 90-e years “put up against the wall and shot” great state of the Soviet Union? So Nyasha shut your Mas.

“…And together with the murder of Russia was the destruction of the traditional values of the people. All these crazy grandpa Lenin, perverts Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg promoted divorce, abortion and other leftist nonsense. Marriage is now was not in heaven, and in the offices of bureaucrats. Strangers could spend the “friendly court” against husband and wife, to dig into their personal Affairs: that said, as I looked where he was going…
If we want to fight for the preservation of the family, we must abandon the “spiritual” heritage of demons and murderers. And family to build according to the laws of the party, and the commandments of God…”

This expression contradicts itself. If traditional values were destroyed, then what is required at the friendly courts? As time the courts were held over those who led an immoral life, and Ms. Poklonskaya can not know this. As for the argument about “marriage in heaven”, just a capitalist society, unlike communism, is more dependent on bureaucratic procedures, and for greater solemnity/the sanctity of marriage — you can still a couple of unnecessary but very expensive ceremonies to sell to the young. Explain why. Capitalism is based on private property, so he needs the legal recognition of any civil status and right of inheritance, etc. WE anticipate a different future, in which there was no need to formalize relationships, as you will not need to transfer his property to the offspring, so that it might live. Because communism is a welfare society, when each worker to equal benefits produced by society. The relationship of people at a certain stage pass purely personal, so in the legal fixing of marriages no longer need.
And now the most interesting: 30 years no Soviet Union, full freedom and support of the various religious cults and their Ministers (e.g. ROC), and the public is already enshrined in the cult of money and permissiveness. To what results leads us to a kind of “marriage in heaven” under strict supervision “Holy fathers” and their blessings? There are some data that me was tabulated. Unfortunately, some of the data for the Soviet Union and in particular by the Russian Federation separately, it is impossible to give because of their absence in open access, however, the overall picture you can build.

Table 1.

Где заключаются браки?

Где заключаются браки?

What do we see? In capitalist Russia every year has been steadily declining number of marriages and divorces is growing. Moreover, a clear dependence on the economic condition of the country (crisis 2008 and 2014). After that consider some of the data is 1953, which I specifically gave an example of the “bloody regime”. With confidence we can say that the “bloody regime” was not then, but now for the past 30 years. Speaking of “lost Russia” is also available. View data on fertility and mortality. Despite the high birth rate in the Russian Empire, the death rate was more than 3 times higher compared to 1953. This is a relatively simple: due to unavailability of medical care and normal conditions of life and work for most people, the death rate was soaring, including children. Therefore, people give birth to many children, of whom survived only a few.
And here is the forecasts of population growth given on the website of the Federal service of state statistics of Russia:

Где заключаются браки?

Где заключаются браки?

Impressive, isn’t it? The conclusion is clear: a servant of capital carried out a policy aimed at solving the problems and goals of the owners of “deep pockets”. The population is only a means to achieve them. The slogan about the new oil to help you. Despite the stories about spirituality and well-being of the population, marriage “in heaven” — the population of our country is DYING!

“Argue with me? This is a Prime example: the film “Love and pigeons”. On this rose we all – Yes, I myself love this movie. But if you think about it? My husband sent one to the sea (why not with a wife, children? – the party was saved). And the result – an overdressed fool leads him away from the family. And all of that Bob and Nadia just didn’t know what real love and family values. The Bolsheviks all it took and they, and we — after all, much of the collapsed Union migrated to present-day Russia, Ukraine, Belarus…”

We argue and how! The release year of the film mentioned here, 1984. Not in these years, already the henchmen of the bourgeoisie were preparing the collapse of the Soviet Union from within, to prepare a so-called “restructuring”?! Economic measures, substitution of values through film/music/theatre were preparing the ground for this, and now these same representatives of capital and their underlings are accused of their crimes and all the doers of injustice — Communists. Yes, for the record Natalia Vladimirovna and other readers, the distribution of the vouchers involved in the unions, not the party. In addition, travel on vacation once a year in the sanatorium of the Soviet Union were available to any worker who wished, of course. How many can afford workers today? And you heard vouchers for FREE?

Education and manners, too, now, in the age of Internet and technology, are better. If the movie character “overdressed fools” is ridiculed, now they filled all the space, it is enough to look through the feed to any social network.

So we see that the bourgeoisie uses all the same Goebbels stamps on the materialism of the Communists. Their laws and economic claims they cover the imaginary legacy of the Soviet Union, which these ravings is irrelevant. All the power, all the efforts of capitalists is directed to the intoxication of the minds of the population to continue to line their pockets at the expense of the workers. The constant crises hit primarily ordinary people, reflecting not only financial, but also cultural and social level of development that we saw in the statistics.

Nobody will give us deliverance… Neither God nor the king and not a hero… we will Achieve the liberation of HIS! ACTUALLY! HAND!

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