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Where and how to buy juniper

Где и как покупать можжевельникJuniper is a wonderful combination of elegance and unusual shapes with the power of a natural force. Amazing aroma of cypress wood, bright color and great opportunities for mixing with other shrubs and trees, all of which makes this a perfect option for landscape design in any style. Juniper is a plant which requires careful maintenance, and begin work on future plantings is beautiful with the right selection of healthy seedlings.

Where to buy

Где и как покупать можжевельник

Despite the popularity of this type of shrub, it is offered only in large nurseries. To buy seedlings in non-specialized stores, at natural fairs, especially along the road, not worth it, it’s a waste of time and money. To buy saplings of juniper stands on the page http://www.uzhniy.ru/katalog/mozhzhevelnik or directly in modern large-scale nursery plant “South”. Its main advantage – a huge selection of types. Live can be considered rare varieties, and then combine them together, creating an elegant composition.

Buying seedlings of juniper, should give preference to the most strong instances, it is often the young plants do not survive. Even the largest varieties of whimsical. And therefore you should choose the Bush with a light and clean, strong, branched roots. The needles also need to look good, because it is an indicator of the health of the juniper. Bright and fragrant, it suggests that the seedling was kept in the right conditions, and now has enough strength to withstand transport and transplanting.

How to choose

Juniper any of numerous species of demanding on the soil. The plant prefers extremely light and nourishing soil types. Large varieties often feels in the presence of large amounts of sand. If the future landing site is dominated by clay, is to give preference to virgin grades.

It is also important to consider the environment of the plant. Juniper goes well with any decorative plants, but should consider the appointment of future planting. If you need a posh background or impressive green wall, a nursery of the “South” will offer several Chinese varieties, which differ in the riser and the density of coniferous cover. Varieties Horibuchi, Auer, gold coast will be a wonderful decoration of the Central part of the site and will fall by the way where you do not need additional shading or high landing.

According to the website http://www.uzhniy.ru/

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