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Where a lot of the state, inevitably lag technology

Там, где много государства, неизбежно отставание по технологиям

We can’t move? Or “reach out”, or just change? Once again, in a few sentences — what is the reality in which you live? Why the specialist discouraged when it seems that she can’t change — and, most importantly, the people in it decision-makers with the strange heads and dominated by personal interests.


This resource-based economy (the”great raw power”), with the largest food gaps in the production “simple things”, “difficult things”, innovation. Similar to the “Latin American model” (the over-concentration of ownership, especially the state, financial resources (in the Federal center in Moscow as the financial capital), vertical control).

More than a quarter century — strain the financial system (low credit availability, high interest, high inflation (in the 2017-2019 biennium. in industrial prices), the country is a regular exporter of capital, offshorecompany economy, small financial markets).

Extremely high degree of dependence on the world prices and demand for raw materials, especially from the European Union and China. High exposure to financial crises and infections primarily on the basis of the carry trade. According to the forecast of 1-2 crisis in 10-15 years. Excess tax and quasi-tax and regulatory burden.

As a consequence, low rates of investment, stagnation. All outbreaks growth from the surging demand and world prices for raw materials, or where part of the budget with your preferences. Growth model “around the budget”. The low share of small and medium business, it is compressed, is not going to grow. 15-20 regions — of “zones of national disaster” on the level of the poorest countries in the world.

Where the vertical and a lot of the state — will inevitably lag behind in technology. From year to year.

The dominant family model — “low budget”, with the obligatory “supplementation” in the personal household sector; the second and third work, a random break-in, in the informal economy.

Demographics — falling. In small and medium-sized settlements — the “human desertification”, especially in the Central and North-West Russia.

Life expectancy in the region of 90-th place in the world. In all respects — the “average developing country”. Ranked by human development index (Index of Human Development) — 49-e a place in the world (2017), GDP per capita at purchasing power (GDP (PPP) per capita) — 49th place (IMF, 2018).

“Latin American” this model was defined for a long time. And everything in it is clear in advance. And very uninteresting.


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