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When you need to understand what makes you live (VIDEO)

In the latest excerpt from Thriller “That makes you want to live” the main character just doing everything to survive despite wounds. Sucks when your wife declares you hunt, right?

Synopsis pictures terse:

The film will set up a female couple at each other on the day of their first anniversary.

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But we already know that it will not be just a family argument. One of these ladies will be frostbitten psychopath, and the second come to her in a ruthless grueling battle for survival.

The main roles are played by Brittany Allen and Hannah Anderson, have already appeared in “Saw 8”.

Screenplay and directed by Colin Minihan (“grave encounters”).

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August 24, kicks off a limited release film in the United States, then “What makes you live” will appear in the services “Video on demand”.

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Beautiful and ruthless trailer for “keeping you alive”

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