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When Putin will run, we will see that the country has no money or gold reserves

Когда Путин сбежит, то мы увидим, что в стране нет ни денег ни золотовалютных запасов

Part two of the interview with the famous blogger and political commentator. You will see why Putin is globally always loses, when in Russia there will be real politics and what our country’s role in the project Obama is different from its role in the project trump.

The first part of the interview can be read here. We finished on the fact that Russia, a long time will have to remain a raw state, even after Putin. Continue the conversation:

Anatoly, you have a very interesting and coincides with many look at the “Nord stream-2”, to the situation that is happening to him and around him. You claim, in contrast to many that Germany does not go on about Putin, the desire to get cheap gas, but on the contrary, now leads to the fact that othapaet in the end, if I understand correctly, the main action of the gas pipeline Putin.

This is one of the variants of, which is possible, say so. Because Gazprom is now in an extremely difficult position. He has exhausted all possible resources, he is in a gigantic debt due to the construction of these in General by and large unnecessary additional highways. And of course, that from a business point of view it is very vulnerable and can seize control through not necessarily bankruptcy, but in any case, through the creation of his debt. He is “in debt as in silks”. He put himself in this situation… Well, not the course. This is a political company. I.e. they perform a political order of Putin. But in any case, the situation is now quite complex and it is possible that this state of things will use. Why not? And the Germans actually policy is very simple – they are interested in flooding Europe with cheap gas. And the more gas – the cheaper will be the price. Therefore, on the one hand, they are certainly very much interested in American gas, and Russian gas in the Turkish gas (well, more precisely in Azerbaijan through Turkey). But at the same time, they are naturally interested in the sustainability of these supplies. And North and Turkish stream – they do not provide stability without Ukrainian transit, because Ukraine has a huge underground gas storage facilities, which allow you to adjust peak consumption. Ie if the winter is cold, the current gas supply will not cope with the demands of consumers. So you need to put additional volumes of gas, and they just accumulate in the Ukrainian underground gas storages. Therefore the Ukrainian transit to Europe is very important from the point of view of sustainability. So they and for the North stream and the Ukrainian transit. And from this point of view, they have some difficulties – they can’t dwell on any one project. So I try to create a balance. And Putin – Yes, he wants to completely abandon the Ukrainian transit, but the Europeans do not go for it.

Do you think will have? Because what then for Putin is built, if not to abandon the Ukrainian transit?

He refuse, he will not be able to do so. He will create the conditions in which he can’t. Here not only economic methods of pressure on the Kremlin to go. There’s also the purely political – through the establishment of the Third energy package, through lawsuits, through just direct political decisions. Ie, the Kremlin will be forced to do anyway because you need the Europeans. The customer is always right is law of business. And in this case Europe, I as the buyer, will dictate terms to Gazprom. And it makes no sense to even discuss.

But in this case, who would not come after this regime, he could be even with nothing. Ie he will come, and all the resources of the country actually sold out.

Well what do you want? We all find ourselves in the same situation as was after the revolution of 1917, when the country simply had no resources and had very serious way to find these resources. I think that when Putin will run, or where his friends run away in the end, we suddenly find that we have no reserves, and that all our banks have long ago transferred all the money somewhere to the West, and that the store is actually a dummy, and we find ourselves just before the empty jug. Most likely it will. It is necessary to proceed apparently from this option.

And tell me, how do You feel about the current opposition? I’m not talking about the system, though it You also probably have an opinion about it.

But we have no opposition. We have no policy, so we have no opposition. We have political activities at present are reduced to imitation, and therefore the opposition is largely imitation. Both systemic and not systemic. May not be under the dictatorship, even so strange as we may not be opposition in principle. There are some people who Express something. But political activity is irrelevant. Politics is always a struggle for power. And only in this context can be considered a particular party or movement, whether she even really political, are in opposition. If a party or a movement committed to the authority if it is doing everything to come to power – so it is an opposition. So involved in politics. But the same Bulk is a clean Union, and in a strange form. He does not fight for power. He declares commitment to this fight but the real fight, he certainly does. And it’s not because it’s bad, but because we have no conditions for political struggle. But when the transfer of power will begin, and when it predictably collapses, because of course they will not be able to project mode to hold, simply because the control over the country at zero – then we will have a chance at some political activity, then there will be opposition, there will be some political parties. Now there isn’t. Now it is possible.

Ie we orientirueshsya now that all the real political life will start from 2021 and no earlier?

Well, maybe a little earlier, because the situation already on the brink. Frankly the protest phenomenon is only growing. The government still holds the situation just because yet these protests are local in nature. In Chiesa in Moscow, sometimes in St. Petersburg, sometimes in Yekaterinburg – they have time to react. But if these protests will commence across the country on various occasions, then of course the government is already physically will not have time to react and then the situation will go into the dressing, outside the willingness and ability of the government itself. Well, the second point, that all these protests have not been organized. It is because we have no political opposition. And yet, it is due to this lack of organization, the protests could somehow, somewhere to suppress, to deceive people, to promise something. But we must understand that all that grows. And grows fairly quickly.

Anatoly, but You said the phrase “strange dictatorship.” You said, “Let us even such a strange dictatorship.” What is this? What is its strangeness?

Because the real dictatorship is possible only under a regime which has serious handling. And usually corrupt dictatorship regimes is difficult to establish, because everything is bought and sold. That’s Venezuela for us the most obvious and best example. I.e. there is a real dictatorship, the real narco-state, but they can’t install direct fascist regime, simply because they are corrupt to the limit. There all bought and sold. Same thing with us. In order to establish a fully fascist regime need ideocracy. Need a system that is committed to something of value, at least some idea. The fascist dictatorship in Germany was ideocratic. She professed a certain ideology of Nazism. So they were able to establish a full-fledged dictatorship. Putin can not establish a dictatorship, because the entire regime through the thieves. They really are – thieves. They are really criminals. So they can’t get any idea around which to create a real full-fledged dictatorial regime.

Well, they are now a lot of talk about the Spanish dictator Franco. They like him as an example.

Well, they liked before Pinochet, Franco now, then someone else. They have no ideas, no projects, so they shy away from one extreme to the other.

Yes, even China and they really like it..

Well China they do not even theoretically be able to repeat. It’s a completely different civilization project. They will not pull it.

But how could You ever, explain the situation, it turns out that the West really do not benefit from a change of the current regime in Russia, really?

There is not a Single Western. There are also groupings. There are individual countries, and these countries have their own groups. There are several global projects, each of which refers to the current situation in Russia is substantially different.

But maybe in a nutshell what do You mean global projects, which are different attitude to Putin?

There is a project conditional financial oligarchy, which is based on the global dollar system. Well, Obama suggested, in the framework of this story, to create two huge partnerships – the TRANS-Pacific and Transatlantic. Ie, these two partnerships had to compete with each other, creating a potential. And Russia in this case became a kind of buffer between them. And was supposed to be simply torn between these partnerships. So the Democrats and the globalists are interested in the fact that Russia underwent a procedure of the disintegration into small States. And the Imperials conditional, for which trump is, or rather who is behind the trump, interested in what Russia would have remained in the same form in which and now. Ie no matter whether dictatorship or something else, it is important that it was the usual raw materials, without any claims to political subjectivity. Therefore at this stage quite happy with Putin because he leads the country in this direction.

I think he was just trying to show that he is politically subjective.

He is trying to blackmail and negotiate the terms on which he is thereby a raw materials appendage. It’s not for the country is trading. He traded for themselves, for their environment. His country could care less about.

Well, Syria, and Africa, all these global projects? And intervention in U.S. elections?

In Africa, it is actually in scraps. Central African Republic, the French just before the bottom is scraped. They are trying to capture and trying to work there in the gold mines that the French in the twentieth century simply dry scraped. They are already robbed territories. As scavengers.

But interference in elections in the United States it was?

No there is no interference. This is a purely American notion. Once again – we do not have the resource potential that would influence the situation, especially in such large countries. We have no such resources. Yes, Lord, we Skripal passed then failed…

But the hackers were? They showed the same…

Well, it showed us. And were they or not is another question. It is possible that Russian hackers used some Democrats in the fight with the Republicans. Such a plot is possible. What if it was a deliberate Russian policy – it’s not even funny.

Thank you Anatoly for sharing your thoughts with us. It was really very interesting to me even just to talk. I hope readers will be even more interesting. And hope You will give comments for “Russian monitor”.

The interview was conducted by Olga kortunova.

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