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When healthy food can harm

Когда здоровое питание может навредитьIt turns out that even healthy food can harm.

Often, people looking for food, become obsessed with it, so the deviation from his diet can lead to nervous breakdown. This was stated by the nutritionist, a psychologist, a specialist in healthy eating Lily, Falchuk,
“It’s called “ortoreksiya”, which translated from Greek means obsession with food. The first signs ortoreksii is the observance of dietary restrictions, meticulous calorie counting, excessive attention to the products that are included in the diet. As well as the condemnation of people eating “against the rules”, – said the nutritionist.

A healthy person who follows the diet, but does not make it a cult, maybe sometimes to eat something harmful, but does not make it a problem, because it understands the exception.

“When ortoreksii the person has a sense of anxiety, fear, anger, and deteriorating sleep. Subsequently, this may lead to a nervous breakdown. Such people often undergo stress, including chronic. In addition, due to the constant control of the person is not able to relax. All this leads to disease of the nervous system, decrease in immunity, General weakness and disorders of all body functions,” warns Falchuk.

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