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WhatsApp has started blocking users

WhatsApp начал блокировку пользователейAfter the ban of the use of the service with a particular phone number becomes impossible.

Currently, the world is full of services for communication, but the most popular among them is WhatsApp, which has more than 1.6 billion active users. In practice, this means that they are more than 25% of the world population living outside of China.

Though the administration of this service and tries all possible ways to increase the popularity of his brainchild, however, recently she started a mass blocking of users. Bloomberg writes that today, October 21, 2018, the mobile messenger service WhatsApp has launched a mass lock of users, which has already affected more than 100,000 people.

With each passing hour this number is increasing. The vast majority of blocked lived in Brazil, where in connection with the presidential elections in the country is actively spreading false information. Those who engage in it, without any delay, block.

To control the correspondence of users to WhatsApp the developers of the messenger can not, because this information is protected using encryption. Block only those accounts that are seen in the spread of spam and blatant misinformation in the group chats and public conversations that can be viewed by anyone. After blocking, the user loses the ability to use messenger with your phone number.

Administration service operates within the law, because before you start using messenger, all users consent to a number of nuances. In violation of the agreement the creators of WhatsApp have the right to block access to the service to prevent further violations. Not exclusively that soon the leadership of this messenger will massively block users in other regions of the world. However, of course, official information on this account yet.

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