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What you should not talk with a man during sex

О чем не стоит разговаривать с мужчиной во время интимаThese topics, the better.

In bed we can talk on different topics, in addition to these.

Men love when they are considered alpha males and these jokers. It’s cool when a woman knows how to keep a lover with a funny remark. Especially in bed.

But there are topics taboo, on which it is better not to laugh during sex. Why? Now we’ll explain.

1. About his penis

This part of the body – his pride. It is necessary to admire and praise. And if not, then just keep silent.

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2. Of erections and speed the finals

This topic hits to the ego is not worse than the discussion of the penis.

3. Face during sex

If you’re going to laugh about this the next time during sex he will think not about your orgasm, and how it looks.

4. Complexes of the beloved

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“Come to me, my Hippo” – this phrase during sex and outside it is perceived differently. Better not verify. It is necessary to you?

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5. Replica of moms

To ensure constant orgasms, it is better to stop sweet Lisp “my baby”, “sweetie”, “darling boy”. Otherwise, you risk to turn your sex into something perverted.

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