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What you need to know, going to Sri Lanka?

Что нужно знать, отправляясь в Шри-Ланку?Sri Lanka is an island that is famous among tourists an amazing vacation, which offers pristine beaches with clear water, modern hotels with quality service and a large number of attractions.

Features holiday on the island of Sri Lanka

The climate of this country is quite dry. Thus, it should be considered that there is a rainy season which falls from may to October inclusive. During these months falls more than 90% of the precipitation. It is also worth noting that the rains are mostly at night. The most favorable time for rest is from November to April. During this period the air temperature is from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. Differ only in the mountainous region dominated by the colder weather.

The heart of the country is Colombo, which is a modern bustling metropolis and a treasure trove of culture. During the trip there is well worth a visit local attractions, in particular the Cathedral.Lucia, Kathiresan (new and old), shrines, Buddhist spiritual center and more. Also worth a visit are the Royal Botanical gardens, national parks and much more.

The most common opportunities are:

• diving;
• BBQ;
• fishing;
• water sports;
• trips to tea plantations and much more.

Arriving for the first time to the island of Sri Lanka, many travelers are struck by a large number of monkeys. These animals are sacred. If you look they can pull off pleasurable things, particularly phones, cameras etc.

How to choose a tour?

Sri Lanka is a true Paradise for tourists. It has everything for the travelers: beautiful beaches, landscapes, historical attractions, diverse flora and fauna. To see all that the rich in this country, and you can go there right now.

Tours to Sri Lanka is a great option for those who want to not only relax, but also a little bit to save on costs. Typically, these options are available either at the beginning or at the end of the season, when the demand for this trend falls.

The most common and popular resort areas are:

• Pasikuda;
• Ahungalla;
• Bentota;
• Ahangama;
• Wadduwa;
• Hikkaduwa.

Despite the fact that the country’s calling card is its nature, and quality service, developed infrastructure.

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