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What you need to know about men’s prostate cancer

Что нужно знать мужчинам о раке простатыIt is considered that prostate cancer is a disease of older people, in General, true.

The average age of this diagnosis is 66 years, and more than 60% of cancer victims — from 65 years and older.

However, the number of patients among men younger than 55 years is growing. That is why even young people should be alert to the emergence of symptoms of this dangerous disease, because the sooner you start treatment, the higher the chances of a complete victory.

The experts identified 8 facts about prostate cancer that needs to know the young men.

1. Young cancer can be more aggressive. Prostate cancer is the second most spread among men tumors. Approximately 14% of men faced with this disease at any period of life. However, if diagnosed before 55 years, the risk of death is higher.

2. Early diagnosis is necessary for many. Prostate cancer in young men has a strong genetic component, studies show. So if you have a family history of the disease, it would be reasonable to undergo regular medical examinations.

3. Diagnosis is fairly simple. You can go through it in the doctor’s office or independently at home, with a normal blood test for the presence of specific antigens.

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4. Symptoms may not be. Usually, early prostate cancer does not manifest any symptoms. Subsequently, problems during urination like low or high flow, needs more frequent urination, especially at night. Another symptom is blood in the urine and erectile dysfunction. However, all this can be manifestations of other diseases, including hyperplasia or BPH. That is why the diagnosis must put a doctor.

5. Baldness associated with cancer. In men with male focal hair loss has a slightly higher risk of developing deadly prostate cancer. If a man to 45 years there are large bald areas, then the risk of aggressive prostate cancer increases by 40% compared to those men who have 45 years of no problems with the hair.

6. Non-aggressive cancer can be kept under control. Diagnosis of prostate cancer at a younger age if not the very aggressive variant affects the choice of treatment strategy. Sometimes it is not required. If the patient detects a non-aggressive cancer, which almost never does not spread outside the prostate gland, sometimes it better just to observe.

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7. Technologies allow to observe. Using the latest medical technology, including multiparametric MRI, doctors can monitor the patients with early cancer of the prostate more thoroughly. This will allow the urologist to observe the growth of a tumor during a biopsy to a year to collect tissue for analysis in the same place.

This technique is very useful for patients with non-aggressive cancer. It allows doctors to make a decision about the necessity of different treatment methods.

8. Lifestyle plays an important role. In the prevention of prostate cancer a healthy lifestyle (physical activity, weight and nutrition) is crucial.

Unlike heart disease, for protection from which developed a special diet, scientists don’t know what kind of food it is best to protect from prostate tumors. But you know — that protects the heart, protects prostate. So men are better to eat more fruits and vegetables, such as those rich in lycopene. It is scientifically proven that this substance is a powerful factor in cancer prevention.

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