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What you need to eat to keep the tan nice and smooth

Что нужно съесть, чтобы сохранить загар красивым и ровнымFor a smooth and beautiful tan needs a bright sun, a good protective umbrella on the beach and proper healthy eating!

When summer comes, on Sunny days, many people love to tan for the acquisition of pleasant skin tone.

But our body while tanning on the contrary all the forces fighting with the penetration of sunlight into the skin. It was at this time happens to increased production of melanin in the human body. For the formation of melanin, which gives skin a brown shade, essential amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine contained in lean Turkey meat, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, dairy products and eggs.

Carotenoids also contribute to the formation of melanin and protect the skin from free radicals produced by UV light (drink carrot juice, eat raw carrots and other fruits and vegetables orange and red colors).
Vitamin E protects the skin from drying out (eat seafood, nuts and seeds).

Lycopene is a powerful herbal antioxidant that improves the production of melanin and protects skin cells (lots of tomatoes, especially heat treated).

To transform amino acids into melanin enzyme contained in the millet, sesame seeds, oysters.
Tyrosine acid, which helps produce melanin (contained in beef and pork liver, and some fish, red wine, chocolate and grapes).

Be careful with herbal teas containing such herbs as St. John’s wort, sweet clover, clover, agrimony, quinoa (they increase skin sensitivity to sunlight and may cause burns).

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