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What would be Russia without Lenin

Какой была бы Россия без Ленина

Какой была бы Россия без Ленина

Slightly more than one hundred years ago, in February 1917 in the Russian Empire February revolution in which Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, and Russia ended the era of monarchy. Came to power the Provisional government, which was called so because took power in Russia before the coming elections — which it did not stay, being overthrown by the Bolsheviks during the October revolution.

Many on the old Soviet program continue to believe that Lenin allegedly overthrew the king — but it’s not, Lenin overthrew the legitimate and democratic Provisional government through an armed coup against democracy. In fact, the Bolsheviks came to power through deceit and military actions against its own people — as we understand that in a fair election from their populist slogans is not too much of a chance. By the way, it was especially funny to see how the Soviet historians and propagandists got out of my skin trying to “explain” this fact in the Soviet propagada — “but Kerensky… he did a nasty has been! The French wore! And ran away in a dress, ahah as smishno! Good thing we overthrew him.”

Later, those same Bolsheviks started to wage against his own people, the war and bombing peasants with gas shells — but that as they say is another story. In today’s post I would like to write about what would be Russia without Lenin and without the October revolution in General — I think it would have been better.

So in today’s post and in the comments thereto, we are discussing what would be Russia without Lenin. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

That’s what would Russia:

1. Russia would maintain normal relations with European countries (which almost all Soviet history perceived the Communists as bandits who carried out the coup, and in General is true). Not born to a Soviet conspiracy theories a La “Obama’s peeing in our doorways” and “we destroy the DULLES plan“, Russia would have remained in the mainstream of European history and she would perceive themselves as the most civilised West towards the less developed southern and Eastern countries.

2. In the country there would be civil war and the consequent social tensions that have prevailed for decades. The elimination of class inequalities would have happened peacefully — not curtailment of rights of the “higher classes”, and equalize them in rights lower.

3. There would be concentration camps and repression would not have happened what many researchers call this the “anthropological shift” — the almost total and complete destruction of the intelligentsia of the old times and the arrival in the guiding layers of people from the lower classes, often enriched nor the intellect, nor honesty, nor humanity.

4. The development of industry and industrialization would take place peacefully — not by taking away the last grain from hungry peasants and placing detachments on the borders of the Ukrainian villages, and through the peaceful development of private companies and full trading with partners in other countries.

5. The separation of religion from the state would occur peacefully. Would not have blown up churches and killed religious leaders, religion would occupy in the society about the same place as in Europe — who wants to believe, who wants there, don’t force anything on. And as a consequence there would be the current religious “Renaissance”, when religious fundamentalists everywhere climb with your ideas, shove religion in educational institutions, etc.

6. There would be communal apartments, Soviet stores, “free” housing, Soviet medicine, labor slavery and deficit. Drunkenness, too, would be smaller.

7. Kurehin not recorded their epic video “Lenin-mushroom”)

In General, something like that. I do not idealize the Russian Empire — it was in General slow and rather backward in the legal attitude of the state, which demanded radical reforms, but the October revolution made it even worse. Without Bolshevism without Lenin would be better.

What do you think? Without the Communists would be better or worse?

Tell, interesting.


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