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What will the winter in Kyiv were frozen to death man

Что будет зимой: в Киеве насмерть замерз мужчина The body of a man found near the market “Youth”.

In Kiev, in a Forest were frozen to death man.

It is noted that the body was found near the market “Youth”. It is likely that froze the man without a certain residence. The place of the accident are law enforcement, they establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Previously, forecasters warned that the night temperature in Kiev falls to +2…+4 degrees, in the soil will freeze 0-2 degrees, in the afternoon the air warms up to +12… +13 degrees. However, the cold will go from Wednesday, September 26. It will be associated with the anticyclone centered over Hungary, which will bring dry Sunny weather in the capital of Ukraine. Thus, today the rain will stop, the wind will gradually subside.

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