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What will change for the Ukrainians in case of cancellation of registration

Что изменится для украинцев в случае отмены пропискиRegistration may be voluntary.

Submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to abolish the registration provides that the registration becomes voluntary and can be done online.

The innovation proposed in the draft law No. 9218, said the lawyer Alexander Gong.

“In fact, repealed an institution as a residence or place of registration.

It becomes mandatory from voluntary and is transferred to the declarative principles. The point is that before I had to provide documents to register residence, but now any citizen can state it in a declarative manner,” – said the lawyer. According to him, the bill provides, “that the man may to say that he resides at such address, by sending the Declaration.”

And the relevant authority, having received the Declaration, it needs to register. “It is clear that the bill takes into account the option of checking the veracity of this information. For given false information about their place of residence will be fines. In addition, the owner of the premises, if the registration was made without him, will receive the corresponding message, most likely mail. In the case that registration is not true, the person does not reside in the place indicated, he may cancel it by contacting the registration authority”, – said the gun.

“Accordingly, the person who stated this information will be fined”, – he added. According to the lawyer, the cancellation of the registration is, in fact, a requirement of the European Union, and we to it go.”

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